blog goal for 2016I know the title makes you think that you might have just entered 2016, I was caught up with many a DIY projects so as to finally publish this article that had been sitting in as a back-burner for a while now.  I did mention a give in a little snippet of my new year resolutions better say it as goals for 2016. But that was basically concerning with Pinterest, making new blogger friends and transforming into a morning person ( which is still prime ). But a little too vague for such a vast & enormous job like blogging. I might have as well come out as a unambitious person. But that’s far from truth, you can find below a melange of personal and blog-related goals that I hope to fulfil this year.

  1. This was kind of unexpected, that this floral desktop wallpaper has gotten me more traffic than any of my DIYs. So that clearly means I should try to get a minimum of one wallpaper or printable every other month as that seems to lift your spirits.
  2. I am an extremely private person and especially not comfortable in front of camera ( you would have already guessed it by my profile picture ) but I would love to be more involved with you and talk in a more relatable person than a bot ( did I just compare myself to a bot, but I have feelings ). Maybe,  hang out at periscope lets see what I can do.
  3. I have spent a lot of time to understand the world of blogging which has so far helped me go through the initial stages but now I need to take things seriously and get enrolled to a few courses because there is a lot of information out there and I need to sift through time-wasters to arrive at the best and most helpful ones to get me better at this game.
  4. Get my desk back to order, confession time I don’t work from my desk. Most of the time I am on floor and use my copper pipe stand to get work done ( I am sorry if that sounds crazy ). You ask why? Cause I always create a huge mess at my desk and leave it to there. I might have to make some big changes and that means you will get to see some organizing and office related DIYs from me this year.
  5. Ever since I have started blogging seriously I have found myself stuck with my laptop and iPhone, always up to something and that has got me fatigued and lost at times to be honest. I am trying to make it a point to take 30 minutes off in order to exercise or simply take a walk for at least thrice a week ( who knows I might add pounds of weight if this silly version of me carries on with life as it is now )
  6. My schedule and tasks are ingrained in my mind but yet I can easily not accomplish them if I don’t take a note for the day. My above goals very much depend on writing it down in my planner or a notebook to simply remind myself of what important tasks lay ahead of me. And this will work best if I wake up early in the morning and have enough hours in a day to accomplish it all.

I hope that, my decision of bringing forward my goals out in the world would make me strong in my endeavors and accountable to my actions. And give you an idea of what to expect from me this year. Do let me know what are your concerns and goals for this year 2016!

And stay tuned for some easy and interesting DIY’s coming up your way this week 😉