DIY Canvas Art with golden Beads 9

Antlers have been tried and tested with every craft possible, but yet my itch for it has been left unattended until I found a way to introduce it to my life .Ok Let me honestly reveal it you ,the thing is that I bought this golden bead garland an year and a half ago ,found it at a christmas section of carrefour ,don’t worry you don’t have to wait for christmas if you want to do this DIY as I have seen it elsewhere. Anyways it has been lying there for so long that its potential has been forgotten almost and then when I was having a skype session with my partner in DIY ,Fatima this idea just popped in time and she agreed that it could somehow not be a disdain.

Now originally I was going to use the golden beads garland as it was ,but realization hit me sooner than later that it looked not so nice and would rather be a waste of time than a piece sought after.Hope was not all lost though ,I resorted to my scissors for a solution, snip off the beads to free them from the ugly thread and then glue them down to give the resultant

If I don’t stop myself here ,I would just go on with my storytelling business so let’s see what we will need for this DIY


♥ Canvas
♥  Golden Beads Garland
♥  Paint
♥  Brush
♥  Two A4 size Papers
♥  Pencil
♥  Glue gun
♥  scissors

DIY Canvas Art with golden Beads


Start off by painting your brush strokes I used black acrylic without diluting it with water ,you can use any color and what ever pattern but this is my personal favorite, the same pattern echoes in our site background, the golden diamonds not to mention and it repeats itself in this diy as well

DIY Canvas Art with golden Beads

Let it dry for 15 minutes or so, meanwhile grab your paper and pencil to sketch the antler outline.

DIY Canvas Art with golden Beads 3

What I did was google some images on antler outlines ,and chose one and tried to imitate it on one of the A4 size paper ,then I took the other paper and put it over the paper with the outline and then traced down the antler and then flipped the paper over and again traced the outline over the other side and then put those two papers side by side and I got my antlers. The problem with downloading and printing an image right away from the net is that it can cause you copyright issues, so you will have to be careful on the terms disclosed by the owner of the image ,why get into all this hustle just take 2 minutes out and draw one side of the antler and then trace the other and you are done.

DIY Canvas Art with golden beads

Now cut off the excess paper and tape the endings of the antlers to each other and place it over the center of  your canvas, start outlining with your pencil with one hand whilst holding down the outline with your free hand ,so that you get an accurate lining over the canvas.And don’t worry about the pencil lining as you will see we will be gluing over it so it will eventually be out of our sight.

DIY Canvas Art with golden Beads

DIY Canvas Art with golden Beads You can do this step way before beginning the project or after following the above steps so whatever is convenient,I did began snipping of the beads before the project and also toward the end when I fell short of beads .Meanwhile plug in your glue gun

DIY Canvas Art with golden beads



And so this is how it looks DIY Canvas Art with golden beads

DIY Canvas Art with golden beads

Now this DIY Canvas Art  had a bag of mixed reviews ,my confidant(mum) she said it did be better off without those brush stroke,Fatima would have appreciated if the brush strokes were toned down a little and I think its fine and the antlers can stand out on its own ,I just couldn’t leave the background stark white as if begging to be colored .
If you were to try this what approach would you take strip of the brush strokes and just stick to the beads or my way way or a toned down look ,let me know by commenting below