Easily upgrade your paper mache trinket box to an eye gem with some paint and a cute tassel. Paper mache never looked so good with the xo pattern and tassel on

DIY Paper mache trinket box It’s scary how I get stuck with an idea/trend and can let go of it. Did you notice after I made these speckled dishes, I wanted to try at least three other projects involving them and I had to resist ( uff, the redundancy ), anyhow I failed as it caught me off guard with splattered iPhone case and now white & black has become addicting leading to yet another my eyelash and cactus mug. And as they say, the saga continues till date. ( that was way too many links)

I am guilty of succumbing to the callings of every other things in a store which turns out to be the last thing in my wishlist. This paper mache geometrical box I assume to store tiny items and baubles caught my attention and then I only knew that I would finish it off with a tassel  and the rest was sought today. My friends, I say again never underestimate anything like ever. With a dash of paint and mind for xo, I ended up with this cute paper mache trinket box that is my fav.DIY Paper mache trinket box

Easily upgrade your paper mache trinket box to an eye gem  with some paint and a cute tassel. Paper mache never looked so good with the xo pattern and tassel onThis DIY is very simple and needs no special skill neither rolling nor shaping like we do it here with this mid-century trinket dish. This is for all to try and have fun.DIY Paper Mache Trinket Box


+ Paper Mache box
+ White acrylic Paint
+ Black Acrylic Paint
+ Pink paint ( if you don’t have like me, you can mix little red paint with white to make )
+ Pink embroidery Floss
+ Brush to paint
+ Foam Brush
+ Glue Gun
+Masking tape


1.We will first begin by painting the inside of the box pink. In order to keep the exterior clean, we tape off the edges with a masking tape like soDIY Paper Mache Trinket Box

2.I dipped the end of my brush in red and mixed with a dabble of white paint to create this bubble gum pink. And with the help of a thicker brush painted the insides. One coat is what I needed. However, I did go back and paint the little left out areas. DIY Paper Mache Trinket Box

3.Squeeze some white paint at your palette or a surface and with the help of a wet foam brush paint the surface in one direction ( gently wetting your foam brush helps to paint  smoothly with much lesser streaks being formed ). White being translucent you may need extra 1-2 coats after each coat has dried. After, the interior of the box have dried, remove the tape carefully and start painting the exterior white.DIY Paper Mache Trinket Box


4. Once both the lid and the box have dried we join them to create the xo pattern as we see. Paint xo all over the box, the trick is to a draw a pattern of X followed by an O and your task will get simpler if you were to approach painting row by row rather than going random ( like how I did, yes totally nailed it )DIY Paper Mache Trinket Box

5. Plug your glue gun and meanwhile create your tassel long enough to almost reach the rim. If you need help in creating tassels check this DIY, I have already covered it there. Now that your paint has dried apply a generous amount of glue at the bump in the center and press your tassel in it. Let it adhere for a minute and while the glue is still malleable put a heavy object over your tassel to help it taper down as it will stand tall otherwise.DIY Paper Mache Trinket Box

Now, that was easy peasy! This one exceeded my expectations. One of the best thing about this box is that little surprise element that it has, outside it is white with a pink tassel only to open it wide bright pink ( Had to mix the colors very well to match the tassel and vice-versa and the hardwork paid off )

All I have to do is store my little baubles and braceletsin my cute paper mache trinket box and I am good to go. I would like to know from you, have you ever bought a paper mache box and what did you do with it? If you haven’t tried experimenting with one before here is your inspiration and I would love to see your paper mache makeover, share with me at my Instagram for a chance to get featured by tagging me @enthrallinggumption and using either or the hashtag #enthrallinggumption #egdiys

DIY Paper mache trinket box
DIY Paper mache trinket box
DIY Paper mache trinket box
DIY Paper mache trinket box