DIY Terrazzo Style Notebooks 4Whether you are into journal writing or simply in need of new notebooks you must not close this tab for there is something fun and a new way to upgrade your notebooks. Now, do I have your attention? Great, you see as much as we like it marbling is slowly becoming a thing of the past.  And today’s hottest pattern is none other but terrazzo. In such a short time, it has exploded to almost overtake the latter. From decor to stationary it can be found anywhere.

Don’t be surprised if I told you that this is my fourth terrazzo project ( click here to see them all) and how I could resist not using the Deco Art’s new collection of lovely colors? Also, did I mention stationary?  What another fun way to spend your time than randomly splotching your notebook and call it a project. Pure bliss, eh? Not to forget, you can also slip these into your bag of goodies that you plan to gift your mother.

Now, let’s dive right into the project.

DIY Terrazzo Style Notebooks materialsMaterials:

  • Notebooks
  • Cardstock
  • Deco Art assorted paints
  • brush
  • scissors
  • glue stick

P.s. Forgive me for the pictures below are not top-notch ironically despite the arrival of the new camera. Albeit having a strong tripod is a requirement that can’t just be brushed aside (my flimsy camera couldn’t hold my light-weight crop camera let alone a camera with a heavy lens on).


1. Select a couple of fun colors for the project. Begin to paint random shapes one color at a time. It helps to keep a reference in the form of an object or an image from Pinterest by your side. Cover enough space so it can be used as a notebook cover later.

DIY Terrazzo Style Notebooks steps 2DIY Terrazzo Style Notebooks steps 5

DIY Terrazzo Style Notebooks gif

2. Let your painted cardstock dry. Lay your notebook over your cardstock and trace the nape of the book up and down. With the help of scissors cut the nape. Apply some glue to that back of the cardstock like so.DIY Terrazzo Style Notebooks steps 6

3.  Press the notebook firmly onto the cardstock to enclose the excess paper inside the notebook. Repeat onto the other side and you are done.DIY Terrazzo Style Notebooks steps 7

Wasn’t that easy?  I know I need these terrazzo style notebooks mostly to pen down my feelings and also take note of my accomplishments to help me stay afloat in times when the going gets difficult. And since, the disorganized me would never succeed to keep all ideas in one place eventually it will be riddled with sketches of future projects. It’s good to know I can carry them around and not feel the need to scoot and hide the otherwise in its not-so-pleasing original self


DIY Terrazzo Style Notebooks 2

Learn how to make terrazzo style notebooksDIY Terrazzo Style Notebooks 6

Thanks to DecoArt, Inc. for kindly providing the new collection of Americana Acrylic paints.  However, all the opinions are my personal own.