DIY marble cement coasters

DIY Marble Cement Coasters 1

There is this huge trend of cement and marble effect projects going on, and today I will incorporate both of the ideas into one and present to you DIY marble cement coasters.

In my home we need coasters like for real ,who doesn’t need one ,victimized by white rings left by hot cup of tea sitting on my beautiful polished table while I chit chat with friends and family leaves this mar in my heart.So I decided its time about to get my sleeves rolling up and get dirty .

There is little wonder why cement is a huge love affair of all ,it looks amazing as simple as that .I got mine at a paint shop, selling Dhs 2 per kg that is so freaking cheap ,didn’t know it .

Black and white ,no hard guesses I chose white my favorite color.

Only a mold was missing before I could go ahead and get it started ,then I found this silicon heart mold in my kitchen stash and that is it.

What You would need:

+ Container

+ Stick

+ Spoon

+ Silicon Mold

+ Cement

+ Water

+ Acrylic /Fabric Paints

+  Paint Brush

+ Dilute White Glue/Mod podge

+ Glue Gun

+ Felt Pads

DIY Marble Cement Coasters 2

Assemble the items you need first at the table and remove the rest from the site because soon it will get dirty and that’s why,I chose to place a sheet of brown paper .

DIY Marble Cement Coasters 3

Now this is totally based on your cement ,and  I can only tell what worked for me , I used 9 tablespoons of water to 8 tablespoons cement .

DIY Marble Cement Coasters 4

Mix the cement and water thoroughly to get the desired gooey textured mix ,even if it gets too wet don’t worry you will just have to give it more time to dry.

DIY Marble Cement Coasters 5


Now that You have your mixture ready ,you can drop some paint ,I used 242 Light Violet  Fabric Paint by Camel.

DIY Marble Cement Coasters 6

Give it a nice swirl with the stick to achieve the marble look ,do see that you are not just playing with the surface ,the bottom should also be taken take of .

DIY Marble Cement Coasters 7


Now slowly pour the mixture with the help of the stick and then the spoon to scrape of the corner as the stick didn’t help me get all of it out .

DIY Marble Cement Coasters 8

Looking at how dull it looked I dropped in some more paint over the cement and swirled it with the wooden stick to finish the look.

DIY Marble Cement Coasters 9


Then I gently took form the opposite sides of the mold and bashed it on the board, I kept repeating it until I felt that the air bubbles have gone ,this step is very important as you don’t want to end up with cracks due to trapped air bubbles.

Let it sit overnight ,believe me when I say don’t touch it means don’t ,I did try and edges came out very rough and a good part of it even came off ,give it its time and it will be faithful to you.

DIY Marble Cement Coasters 10


Doesn’t it just look beautiful!!

I removed mine the next day from the mold ,only after knowing that it was hard, if yours don’t end up being hard and still soft then let it stay in the mold .I lightly sanded the edges of the coaster to make the surface facing me as smooth as the opposite side ,then brushed off the dust .

If you have Mod podge go ahead  brush some over the coaster ,and if you have white thick glue like me then in a bowl mix 1 part of water with 1 part of glue to thin it out making it easier to apply to the surface.I would suggest give it at least 2 coats for longer life

DIY Marble Cement Coasters 11


Let the glue dry between coats and after the last coat at least for 15 minutes ,then warm up your glue gun for 5 minutes and get ready to glue one felt pad to each corner of the felt.Now here I chose the side facing me to be used to glue our felt pads too ,I know what you re thinking that side is beautiful ,but unfortunately I had to pick “the not so smooth side” ,which it is .

DIY Marble Cement Coasters 12

Its done ,grab your tea and enjoy your time without the worry of your table or other beloved surface being ruined.Guess what this could also make a great gift too.Its so cool and modern anyone will adore it.

DIY Marble Cement Coasters 13

DIY Marble Cement Coasters 14

You might be wondering why did she stop at 3 ,why not make a set 0f 6, good question, I will answer this in another post, till then keep guessing and let me know what you think is the reason in the comments section below.

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P.S. That is Saffron tea and hence the appealing color:)