10 dangerous weapons of Indian mothers!

August 21, 2014 | by

Mothers are wonderful creatures. They are the epitome of love known for their sacrifice and emotions. But at the same time, she can be lethal too! Find out 10 dangerous weapons of Indian mothers that the world must beware of:

1. Jhaadu

Yes it is used to clean the house so that lakshmi can get in but it is just suitable to beat the shit out of you whenever required. Its close relative is wiper which is just as effective.



2. Sharma Ji ka Beta weapon

Be ready to be compared with any random guy or girl in the neighborhood or relation. He/she is the ideal son/daughter and no matter what, how good you are at your own thing, you just can’t be better!



3. Gold

Did you know Indian housewives hold 11% of the World’s gold? It’s not a weapon but more of an asset. However, it can be used by moms in whatever way they want. Yes, she can buy AK47 or just hire The Great Khali as her bodyguard.



4. Belan

While Jhadu is quite appropriate and solves the purpose, Belan is another substitute if the victim is not in the target range. It is small but robust and it can cause maximum damage. Soon India might have a national holiday for “BELANTINE DAY”



5. Kitty parties

Her friends are going to come over and there will be all kind of gossip and drama! Catastrophic! And she just loves to make you run around for random things and introduce you and embarrass you in public!



6. No Talking

That is one of the most effective weapons used by them. Whenever you don’t listen to them, they decide not to talk with you and make a face which explains what is needed to be done, has to be done.



7. Crying

If no talking fails, this is the ultimate weapon of destruction. Those tears can melt a rock! Your heart is nothing! NOTHING! And if you want training, colors channel is all you need to follow!



8. Get hold of ATM cards and credit cards

You get a message that someone is using your credit card and before you almost die of panic, you find out it’s your mom. Well, it’s not very soothing either. You haven’t been listening to her and it’s time for revenge! This is your reaction:



9. Fake Smile

It’s the kind of smile which you know is fabricated but you can’t complain about. And it can mean million things! Be ready! You might be getting married tomorrow!



10. Bad food

So you think you are too smart for your mommy? Think again while you get jali bhuni roti and excessive salted vegetables that can kill you!


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