10 First Time Experiences We All Remember Forever !

August 16, 2014 | by

We all try something new each day. Life is ever changing and we learn and experience something different daily. But there are few things which happen and change our lives forever. A few things which are etched in our memories. Here is a list of few such things which will give you a flashback of your past, present and upcoming future.


1. Learned cycling

Not everyone can experience flying in life but cycling is makes up for that. The magical experience when you balanced the cycle on your own – becoming the master of your own destiny and the world.



2. First stage Performance

Remember all the nervousness? As if you were going to black out and mess it up all! But well, didn’t it turn up beautiful!



3. First outside vacation with Friends

Remember that first school picnic you went on? Or maybe a get away from all the chaos with your best buddies!



4. First board exams

Everyone looks up to you! Relatives, friends, neighbors and random strangers! Career on stake and first big thing of your academic life. At the same time – group studies, never ending discussions and celebrations at results!



5. First Love

That moment when you were awestruck with someone’s beauty! That one moment when your heart was beating like your phone vibrates! It changed a part of your soul, didn’t it?



6. First kiss

You were waiting for this to happen since long and when it happened, you knew it was worth all the wait!



7. First Salary

When all the hard work of life paid off. When your worth was valued and you were given what you deserved. First salary which you spent buying gifts for your loved ones!



8. Lost the ‘V’

Yes, you might not want to talk about it but it is indeed one of the most intimate and wonderful time of someone’s life.



9. First car

Feeling proud is an understatement! It was a dream come true! Owning a sexy car of your own or a house you always dreamt!



10. First Kid

When you first held the cutest thing on planet. When someone entered your life and changed it forever for good.


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