10 Funny Things You Can Sell On OLX

September 24, 2014 | by

“Bech de OLX pe bech de” the tagline of OLX is in itself brings that out of you “kuch bhi bech de OLX pe” as OLX itself says “Sab Kuch Bikta Hai”. Some people even do that. Though that gets lame but at the same time funny with the sense of the utmost craziness that people can think of. So here are some of them OLX can make you sell:


1) Left Over Food

Generally food is the thing that is left out in every household after a meal. What to do with it? You won’t even find a stray cattle roaming around in your street. BECH DE OLX PE BECH DE.


2) Worn Out Toothbrush

Have been more than 6 months you are using that same brush. Get bored with it or its bristles just lie apart just sell it of and get rid of it.


3) Virginity

Yes, you read it right. There have been incidents when virginity have been sold on the online sites for charity or for raising money to support family.


4) Raddi

No more the Raddiwala comes around your locality and need to get rid of that kabad lying in your home backyard. Easy option sell it on OLX.


5) Complete Practical Files

Completion of practical files are a headache to every aspiring student. And every long to buy it from somewhere and here if you have one completed in advance and need to earn some money, I tell you sell it you will have more than that filthy handwritten file deserved.

6) Eggshells

Make money even out of the waste. Eggshells can be even be brought up to sell down. Next time you make an omelet or just break an egg keep its shells you never know you might make money out of them.


7) Maggie Masala Packets

Just guess the life of that person in whose maggie the maggie masala is missing. Tragedy of all time.


8) Facebook Accounts

Got alot of publicity on your facebook account and got bored of being a facebook addict. Sell your account online.


9) Worn Underwear

Epic! People already started selling there used underwear online to make out money from what they got bored from wearing every second day.


10) Kharbuje Ke Beej

Every middle class house in India have that thing in their house to dry kharbuje ke beej (muskmelon seeds). So next time you find it irritating or need to get rid of years stock sell them online make money out of seeds.

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