10 News by our Media Which Will Troll You Like Never Before

August 29, 2014 | by

Indian News channels are known for crossing limits that is nothing but bullshit. But sometimes, they reach to a level called epic! Find out 10 news that trolled the world like never before:

1. The Saga of Cat

When cat got stuck and our news had nothing better to cover. Amazing!



2. The Saga of Dog

after cat, they got to the dog. No discrimination against pets. Period.



3. Poor Sachin

There is a devil inside master blaster. That’s how he is so fabulous! Hah!



4. Back to Cows and ox

Told you that they have no discrimination against pets. What’s next? A flying Dragon?



5. Rakhi melodrama

Rakhi and Media have Janam Janam Ka nata. Made for each other.



6. Such heroic act

I wonder how can they even do it! How can they be there to cover it. And even if they did, how can they show it on Television damn!



7. Predicting the future

How many times have they predicted the apocalypse? This time they are predicting eras. Our parents would be finally happy.



8. News and Marketing hand in hand

Now they are threatening you and emotionally blackmailing you to watch TV. Beat that!



9. Fat Groom – who would be interested in this?

Who in this damn world would be interested in knowing about such Fat groom? Non Sense! Utter Non Sense! Proud of it!



10. And the master piece

No words. I am stunnded.


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