10 Silly Things We Indians Do!

August 18, 2014 | by

We are all proud to be Indians. Err…Okay! Some are not! But well, India is a great nation – seriously for some and sarcastically for others and there are a few silly things only Indians are capable of doing so. Here is a list you would love to read:

1. Pressing Lift button which is pressed already

Yes we are impatient and just can’t wait for anything (except the long queues in temples and mosques). And we firmly believe that pressing the button again and again will stimulate the engineering of elevator and propel it to work faster.



2. Even before buying Rolls Royace, we ask avg kitna deti h?

Doesn’t matter what car it is, we need to know the mileage and how economical in it! It’s in our blood! That’s how we have grown up!



3. Donating money to Fake babas

We have not just one but many such Babas whom we not hesitate in donating huge sums of money. You remember our famous Nirmal Baba and his famous phrase kripa aani shuru ho Jayegi which is an attack and insult of sanity of human mind!



4. Writing name and making hearts on currency notes

We just love to mark our territory don’t we? And if that gets circulated, we would dance with ecstasy! Writing name on notes is one of the silliest things we do ever!



5. Sunny Leone Hypocrisy

Talking about her in public is indecency but searching her videos privately on incognito mode and doing you know what is not! And if that’s not enough, we bring all the culture and religion bullshit in between!

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6. Matchstick to clean our ears

We are the country of Jugaad and probably even before ear buds were invented, we made use of match sticks multipurpose and started cleaning ears through it.

A customer reacts as an "ear cleaner" works on his ear in Mumbai


7. Watching Sajid Khan’s movies again and again

We know he makes stupid movies but we still go to watch his latest release Humshakal! Can’t get worse than that!



8. Having Indian version of all foreign cuisines

We have Indian Italian and Indian Chinese food. And if you are in delhi, you can even have Punjabi Italian and Punjabi Chinese. Remember Indian French toast in Queen? Not only this, we also have Veg  Biryani which is nothing but Pulav!



9. Travelling without tickets in train and asking passengers to adjust

We are the master of art of adjusting and on this very basic concept our whole lives are dependent. Not only trains, but anywhere, we politely ask them to adjust so that we can fit in!



10. Arguing on Social Platforms but not doing anything which can actually bring change

We will write huge intellectual comments on Facebook over FB but when it will come to moving our ass and doing something, we will lie like a lazy potato and do simply nothing! Let’s not even get started about FB or I will have to write one whole new article for it!


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