10 things confirming you that you are still a kid!

August 31, 2014 | by

Everyone of us at some moment of the day crave to be a kid again and in everybody that kid still resides in a corner of that craving. Be it from the demands or making faces.

Here are some of your acts which will confirm you that you are still a kid deep in your heart:

1. You Still love pillow fights

Whether thats a get together with friends or your time with your partner in the bedroom, pillow fights are your all time favourite. You just can’t resist it.

hundreds-participate-mass-pillow-fight-part-international-pillow-fight-day-new-yorks (1)


2. Bubble Wrap is still a fun activity

Wow! We are automatically excited on the sight of bubble wraps in the packaging of fragile material and making that crazy poop sound still amuse you.

IMG_1907 (1)


3. You still love to blow crackers

You desperately wait for one complete year for the time you can blow lots and lots of crackers. Gleaming your heart with those glitters of amusement.



4. You still get jealous

When your mom praises other kids in front of you, you still get jealous and in the backstage of your head you have already murdered that kiddo in thousand ways.

Crying Indian baby girl lying on bed


5. You still play chupan chupai with kids

Playing chupan chupai (hide and seek) is still a favourite play around with kids even when you have grown older with time.



6. You still have Johnson and Johnson Baby cosmetics

Johnson and Johnson Baby cosmetics are still your most trusted cosmetics to keep your skin still feel like that of a baby. Soft and fragile even when you have grown like a dozen times that little one!






7. You are still excited about cartoons

Your generation cartoons still lure you in. Pokemon, Shinchan, Naruto, Bayblade, etc. be it any are still your crave ons.



8. You still crave for attention at times

There are moments when you still die for that attention which a kid in the room is getting.



9. Candies are still a fantasy

Candies are still your fantasy and you wish to have them often. They are even in the list of best gifts you can receive.

Young Indian Woman eating Candy Floss at Pushkar Fair


10. You can’t resist playing pranks

Playing pranks is as if in your blood since childhood. You just can’t let it go be it a sudden bhoow or making somebody mad about anything. Rolling your stomach laughing in the end.






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