10 things which engineering students can never forget even after passing out!

August 21, 2014 | by


1. Proxy

Attending morning classes is an absolute sin. What come to rescue are our most hated first benchers who attend all the classes and give proxy. Remember those days when 10 students marked attendance of 100 students?



2. College canteen

Maggi, Parathan, chaye and Parle G, omelet and infinite kind of snacks at your favorite hangout place where you always have your account. The guardian angel of students who are constantly tortured by mess food.



3. Fests

Best time of the year! With celebrities coming in, all sort of dance, singing and crazy competitions! And of course, extended in-time for dressed up girls who takes a new fabulous avatar! Never ending dancing and fun with friends. And yes, later comparing which celebrity went to which college. Fests leaves their own mark on the campus!



4. MJ and CH3CH2OH

Baba ji ki booti along with the only chemical compound loved by all, getting wasted with your best buddies just can’t be forgotten



5. Exams

When nerds become the heroes and visits to Xerox centre people are busiest species on planet. When there is no night, no day. Just the horror of getting passed. Studying nothing throughout the semester and scoring well in one night stand with mini-notes – incredible!



6. Lovers Lane/Lovers Point/Piya-milan point

Every college has one. With different names. But they all serve the same purpose. You know what.



7. Being broke

Expending all the money in sutta-daaru and then eating on credit in canteen and asking money from friends like a beggar at Dargah Shareef! Doesn’t matter how much you earn now, you will remember this forever.



8. Placement season

This is the season of happiness when you and your buddies are finally getting what they wanted. Along with happiness comes rivers of alcohol and bashing worse than WWE



9. Messy rooms

A room so messy that an elephant can get lost in it!




10. Convocation

When you throw that cap in the air with your entire batch together, in that one moment, you are infinite


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