10 Things Which Krishna Taught Us About Life!

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Krishna is one of the most enticing character in our mythology and he taught us numerous things which are lessons for the lifetime. This Janmashtami – birthday of Lord Krishna, let’s remember 10 things that we must learn from Krishna:

1. Believe in Karma

Krishna’s most popular teaching was the theory of karma. He said believe in yourself and do your Karma(action) and success will follow you automatically. When we think about the outcomes and expect from our actions, we divert our attention and thus lose our concentration. This refrain us from putting our hundred percent efforts and in turn decreases the value of the outcomes. 



2. Don’t be a hypocrite

“Seek not for life on earth or in heaven. Thirst for life is delusion. Knowing life to be transitory, wake up from this dream of ignorance and strive to attain knowledge and freedom before death claims you.”


3. Believe in friendship

“Blessed are the pure in heart, Blessed is human birth; even the dwellers in heaven desire this birth; for true knowledge and pure love may be attained only by a human being.”

The friendship of lord Krishna and Sudama is an example given to us since we were children. Their friendship taught us to value our relationships and to have a selfless love for our friends. It teaches us to love our friends irrespective of their status, caste and creed; it teaches us to help them in their bad times and not to mention the help; it teaches us to watch the back of a friend.



4.“Whatever belongs to you today belonged to someone else earlier and would belong to someone else tomorrow.”

We tend to get attached to worldly goods like money, cars, clothes etc, but we forget they are not our lives; they are a ‘part’ of our lives. We fail to recognize that money is of no worth if it is not exchanged for something, a car will break down one day or the other and there will be a day when our clothes will stop fitting us or will be out of fashion. All these worldly things will end one day or the other so why should one invest one’s energy and waste one’s love behind them, one should think of the good in the longer run.



5. ”Do not weep for the past; do not worry for the future, concentrate on your present life ” .

Lord Krishna always said that this world is being governed by a supreme power, and this power is our father, ‘the Almighty’. Krishna asked all to believe in the goodness of the Almighty and believe that whatever happens happen for good. Krishna asked us to move with time and live in the present and act accordingly, there is no point crying over the past and being hopeful over the present as in both the cases we would lose our focus from present. Like don’t be sad because you were not praised for your work yesterday, neither be hopeful that you will be praised tomorrow, jut put your efforts in their place today and do your bit of work.

future and past


6. Uniformity of vision

Krishna always professed to be uniform in vision, which means be empathetic and just. Krishna professed that God is omnipresent; he is always watching over us and has made everyone equal on this earth. Krishna always asked people to be empathetic, which mean to be able to step into others shoes and view the situation from their end. This means next time you cross a red signal during night making sure that there is no cop, be aware that God is watching over you. Practically, avoiding this not only makes you a good human being, but also avoids a lot of accidents.



7. Listen to your conscience

Lord Krishna said that when his subjects meditate, they ask a lot of questions and he has to meditate to answer them back. His voice is the voice of conscience, the voice of heart, the voice which can be heard only when we are calm. Our mind is biased, it analyzes what is good and what is bad, and sometimes when we over think, it finds bad from good as well. But our conscience never lies to us, it is unbiased and sometimes very rude, it is for the same reason why most of us refrain from hearing its voice.



8. Follow the path of righteousness.

There was a situation in Mahabharata where Arjuna was in dilemma and asks Krishna whether he was right to fight against his own brothers. To his question Krishna replied that he (Arjuna) is fighting against the evil, no matter they are his brothers, it is ‘right’ to destroy evil.


9. Be a believer

Lord Krishna always asked people to believe, to believe in themselves, to believe in their talents, to believe in the power of analysis and finally to believe in the supreme power. Lord Krishna always professed that one should be a believer as belief brings us confidence, it brings us motivation and also the courage to take risks. Say for example, you decided to succeed in achieving a target in your job or study, and you believe you will be able to accomplish that within a particular time. To others that might sound weirder and impossible but still you believed strong. You might fail a day or two but one day you will completely achieve that cause you believed in yourself, your work and your lord.


10. Follow the path of ‘dharma’

Lord Krishna always believed that everyone should follow his ‘dharma’. The word ‘dharma’ is the most misunderstood and over rated term in the world. There have been a lot of crusades just because of this word ‘dharma’. After a lot of research, I decided to go with this definition of dharma “dharma is a set of rules that are laid to make your life easy.” You can lay your own dharma


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