10 things you will find in every “Indian Middle Class Family”

October 14, 2014 | by

Are you born in an Indian middle class family? Well if yes, then congratulations you just became a part of the life trend of about 25 million people in India. While being in a middle class family you might have at times complained about its trends and some reasons. But worry not its just common and flaunt it you are though supported by a huge population.
Here are some things and trends you will match with every Indian middle class family:


1) Buying Everything In Bulk

When you reach out buying your “rashon” (grocery) or vegetables for the week you prefer to purchase in bulk. Once in all. Guess why? Because that saves you money as you never know the shopkeeper might give you an discount on the bulk purchase.


2) Waiting For The Season Sale

There you saw a classy jacket in a showroom and asked your parents about it and you get that instant answer its costlier now wait for the season sale you will get it at a very cheaper one. You might even get another piece of a shirt or something as free with that offer. At last free things are always a worth. Isn’t that predictable when it comes to money spending and saving at the same time in a middle class family.


3) Hurrying Kids For Marriage

As soon as you finish your graduation you become an eagle in the eye of every family member of yours and they start trying to hook you up with what they call a PERFECT MATCH. Always hurrying to get their child married and the favourite dialogue always stays at handy “padhai to karli ab ghar grhasti sambhalo”. The reactions that you have is ‘O please! give me a break’.


4) Everyday Discussion How Things Have Gone Expensive

Dinning table is the favourite spot to discuss every damn thing. That’s the time your entire family sits down and there you hear those humarey jamaney ke daam stories  from your parents who curse the shooting rates of everything.


5) N Number Of Fix Deposits

Since then when you were a kid you might had numerous numbers of FD’s to your name on every birthday of yours as a gift from your parents. I never understood the logic that time cause i wanted real gifts. Well to every member of your family have numerous numbers of fixed deposits to there name and that’s your family’s savings.


6) Fight Over One Vehicle

You wanna go out, need a vehicle, Alas! your needs to go for an urgent work instantly. And there you are stuck up undecided and ready to claim your tight to that only ride standing in the front veranda of your house. That’s being experienced by almost all of the middle class people. Agree indeed!


7) Dragging Kids To Every Small Function

“Beta Gupta ji ke yhan kirtan hai ready hojao.” Wait a second ‘kirtan’ what? And who is this Gupta ji? Well just get ready and be there even if you feel bored in this you just need to be there warna sabi kya sochnge bacho ko ni laye. That’s a hell lot of excuse to drag your kid in every function.



8) Fighting Over TV Remote

Well that’s what you do often whenever you land down to watch TV with your siblings. Your tastes never match while sitting next to each other.

9) Forcing Kids To Become a Doctor or an Engineer

That’s exactly what you are asked to pursue. “Mera beta to bada hoke doctor banega”. And the sun turns out to be the black sheep of the family when he declares I wanna be a writer or may be a rockstar.



10) Making Younger Kids to Wear Clothes of Elder Siblings

That’s the hierarchy of clothes in your family. You grow up and your clothes starts getting to not to fit you keep them in trunk, ‘Chota bhai/bhen pehn lenge’ Complete use of every resource that you brought in your house once.




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