8 Reasons to watch Comedy Nights With Kapil

October 1, 2014 | by

What does one do every sunday night? Sit down with their family to watch Comedy Nights with Kapil. This has become the most favorable choice of almost every household in India. From the jokes to the celebrity interview to Gutthi, we LOVE it all. Jisne nahi dekha uske liye- babaji ka thullu!


1) The man himself- Kapil

The talented man after working on different comedy shows, decided to use this talent on his own show and well, is his own boss now. His different characters are loved by all. Be it Bittu Sharma or Shamsher, the man knows how to entertain people. His comedy timing is impeccable and so are the jokes.



2) Family

What better than to sit with the family to watch than another FUN family. The drunk dadi who demands a grandson and drink out of helplessness not sadness, the unmarried bua who still thinks she is 25 years old, the very pretty wife with big lips or the annoying servant. They all constitute to India’s funniest and most loved family.

3) Love/Hate relationship with his wife

Isn’t Sumona beautiful? For us, yes but for Bittu Sharma- NAH, big lips! We see Bittu as always insulting his wife’s big lips or her greedy and ‘kanjus’ father but doesn’t let a celebrity flirt with his wife. Isn’t that the cutest love/hate relationship on TV.

4) Navjot Singh Siddhu

Navjot Singh Siddhu or ‘I have a sher for every occasion’ is the permanent guest on the show. He laughs even if it’s not funny and like everyone else I wait for the ‘sher of the day’. My only question is- how does the man even remember those many shers?



5) Magazine Interviews

Another cool story as to why celebrities come visit them? It’s for the magazine interview. Despite the jokes and sketches, Kapil is able to maintain his geniuses while interviewing various celebrities and he never forgets to ask-” Aapne kabhi socha tha ki aap comedy nights with kapil pe aayenge?”
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6) Sketches

The show has the funniest skits in between starring various different actors and Kapil in different forms before the interview.

7) Neighbors

Love thy neighbors!, but apparently the Sharma family is irritated with theirs. They burst into their house anytime they want, trouble the guests with elaborate introductions but manage to get away with it. Gutthi and Palak, the sister duo crack funny jokes, do amazing dance moves and the beautiful poems- “aap aaye hai iss bagiya main!”


8) Dadi- Bua combo

Dadi and Bua are the most weird mother-daughter duo ever. The Dadi wants to drink and despite her age can break out into a dance any time and of course “shagun ki pappi !” The bua walks in and after spotting a handsome actor tries to woo him and if they call her “bua” by any chance( every time without fail) she only says- “Bittu kaun hai ye aadmi?”

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