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The most awaited “KHOOBSURAT” have all the luring features to make it a must watch and making it to the most awaited movie releases for you. Its only trailor just blew it off and here we concluded it what makes it a must watch.



The trailer gives us a preview of some amazing dialogues. ” manju punjabi hai”, ” manju meri maa hai”, ” tumhe dekh ke mujhe gande-gande khayal aarahe hai” !
gandekhayal1manjumerimaamanjumerimaa (1)


2) Fawad Khan is SHIRTLESS

Well we can’t say that for sure but that’s how Sonam Kapoor has been promoting the film and we hope she better be right! Warna!!!




3)Love Story

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a pure love story and its Disney! It’s going to be magical!


4) Kiran Kher

We’ve seen as an eccentric punjabi mom in Dostana and we can’t wait for her to play a punjabi mom to bengali girls! And Kiran Kher’s awsome dialogue “mein yhan santrey cheel rhi hun aur tu mujhe raja maharajao se milwa rhi hai!”


5) Chemistry

As evident from the trailer, Fawad and Sonam share some oh so amazing chemistry! Serous and royal Fawad with the perfect royal misfit Sonam Kapoor.


6) Amazing songs

No movie works if they don’t have catchy songs and Khoobsurat songs have already created a buzz. With Maa ka phone aaya ( future ringtone for mom) or Engine ki seeti main have all been a big hit. #abhitohpartyshuruhuihai



7) Fawad Khan

He’s an acting powerhouse, we can all confirm that after watching Zindagi Gulzar Hai and well he’s gorgeous



8) Sonam Kapoor’s Style and Mastipan

Sonam Kapoor, a fashion icon, is wearing rather different clothes and her style is something one can look forward to and also her bindaaz andaaz.


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