8 types of food a South Indian can’t live without

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South Indian delicacies have always been mouth watering for every Indian. Dosa, uttapam and a number more have been the most seen known and tasted by you, When you visit the heart of South India you explore that the south Indian dishes are much beyond these and truly as they say they are just yumlacious

1. Vathakozhambu:

This is one of the gravy dishes that have so much taste and nutrition value. It’s also sought as the favorite as it is mildly spicy and is made with selected spices, ground coconut and tamarind with the main ingredient being sun dried turkey berry. It’s said to have blood purifying properties, plus it stands out in taste when made as gravy.

vatha kozhambu

2. Sambhar Rice:

This is a dish that goes with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Made mainly out of toor dhal , vegetables and a little bit of tamarind, it’s not just a tasty dish preferred by Indians but is also a highly healthy option. Due to its high protein content and fiber obtained from the vegetables, no wonder it turns out to be on the top list of Indians favorites.

sambhar rice


The first thing that comes to the mind when someone says south India is certainly Idli or Dosa. They are not just that famous, it’s a highly addictive food consumed by south Indians. It’s what lies in every South Indian household and restaurants on an extensive basis. Although there are plenty and plenty of other breakfast varieties this is something that is not just yummy, but is also quite addictive. This scrumptious dish is made out of rice and dhal batter that is soaked overnight and ends up into something mouthwatering at the plate.

masala dosa

4. Variety rice:

It’s true that south Indians consume more rice for their daily diet. But if it comes to variety rice, there is no one who would say no to it. With the high amount of nutritional value, they are served, mainly at every restaurant and at weddings, but mostly it serves as a common dish or specifically to say a mandatory dish at baby shower parties. Tomato rice, coconut rice, coriander rice, mint rice, yoghurt rice would all come under the category and of course that explains the name. You name it and there it is.

variety rice!

5. Rasam:

This is a dish that is present in every single household for lunch as if it’s mandatory. It’s necessarily not mandatory, but what makes it so important is that, it’s said to have digestive properties and extremely good for health. It consists of tamarind or lemon water as its base and with simple ingredients such as tomato, coriander, chili and garlic. It has healing properties, making it addictively tasty for your taste buds.


6. Vada:

Otherwise called as Indian Doughnut, it’s one of the most sought delicacies. Its crispy taste makes it highly delicious and is considered as a favorite all over India. Made with urud dhal, and mixture of rice it can be consumed as an evening snack and also clubbed with rice or dosa.

vada pic

7. Biryani:

A mouth watering dish, which makes anyone go crazy for it just by hearing its name. It’s not just extremely delicious, but also has its fans not just in India but all over the world. It’s made mainly with mutton and chicken and has spices that make it unique and special just by its aroma.

biryani image

8. Appalam

It’s not exactly a main dish, but it could be termed as a homemade chip. Made from rice, it’s not just addictive, but is loved by all kids in India. It breaks by just a touch, but melts in the mouth, even before you know it.

appalam image

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