Delhi Women Helmet Excuses

September 24, 2014 | by

Indians have always been so perfect while it comes to dramas and all the bhanas to the policewalas that the stories just flow out so flawlessly. The same scene was seen at various points in Delhi as the Delhi Traffic Police (DTP) started their special drive on 12th september 2014,Wednesday to ensure women drivers and pillion riders wore helmets. It was complete front row drama from W point near Pragati Maidan Metro station and Minto Road, on a day when cops fined about 5,000 such offenders.
There came all the ingenious bhanas when the bikes, scooties, every two wheelers were stopped and enquired about the helmet. There came excuses of all kind:

1) Unaware of such Law

Many excused being unaware of such law though in papers the drive have been for more than 10 days. Some even asked for exemption saying its the first day.


2) Hospital jar Re Hai

Several motorists who had women pillion riders without helmets chose to play the emotional card to escape a challan. Some excused of being gone to hospital since morning so how they would have known about it.


3) Salary Nahi Mili Hai

Ahan! That was something genuine people started excusing. “Challan khan se bharenge yaar salary hi ni milrhi hai office se”

4) Itne Paise Wala Thodi Hun

The common sense of money though you have lakhs in your account still this dialogue is always the first one to come out when it comes to paying.


5) Religion Changed Within Seconds!

A lady changed his religion to sikh for sikh women were exempted from the challan and when enquired for an identity card was caught.


6) Mere Khandan Mein Adhe Log ACP HAi

Most have always showed that khandan ki power at some time or the other to the policewala whenever stopped for breaking the road rules.


7) Wallet Bhool Gaya

Its was interesting to see parents supporting there children excusing on there behalf ki wallet bhul gaya rather then asking them to follow the rule.


8) Dilliwalahas to the Rescue

We all keep hearing about how stone-hearted Dilliwallahs are, and that they never come forward to help even if they see someone in distress, but this traffic drive threw a surprise as a couple of bikers fought with the cops when another couple was asked to pay the challan.


Excuse be any but this time none was exempted from the challan and the Delhi Traffic Police was quite strict this time exempting none and handing everyone accused a challan.
Hope such drives keep running daily everywhere. So atleast people start learning the traffic rules atleast if nothing else.

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