9 things wrong with interstellar.

November 13, 2014 | by

Interstellar: motion sickness inducing.

I’m not even going to bother calling the actors by their characters’ names, because this movie is confusing enough as it is. The film is a beautiful, engaging mess with good music. Watching the film was like talking to an ADHD person, too many thoughts so little time. Plotline was shifty and left for us to decipher.

LENGTH OF THE MOVIE- the movie was 2 hours and 50 minutes of drag. It was a compilation of a lot of fragmented stories. Like three or maybe four or actually ten movies in a movie. While the concept was good we could have done without a few scenes and minutes, actually the whole last hour to be precise.


INCEPTION OF THE MOVIE- the movie was built around the plot that dust storms were rendering earth inhabitable. Although only one country side and a specific district were depicted. It would have helped to give a worldwide perspective of the apocalypse, I mean why spend a few billion dollars to move onto some other galaxy when you can relocate?

How did their cars even work covered in feet’s of dust storms and why aren’t there huge piles of dusts everywhere. Where did they actually sweep it off? This just questions the whole screenplay and would have saved us three hours of our lives.


THE ‘THEY’- they were supposed to be aliens or maybe some random extra-terrestrial creatures but maybe they were the better more refined and advanced future versions of the human race. They could defy the time – quantum equation. Make wormholes but only if they could have maybe made a phone or sent an email into the past, that would have been more comfortable right. Seems implausible though for people playing around with planets, and universes to make phones.


THE WATCH THAT WASTED 3 HOURS OF OUR LIVES- I still didn’t get the concept if McConaughey through the tesseract could control a watch and play with the dust to give binaries couldn’t he have just used the dust to write the whole damn message. So much for the dramatic build up. The whole movie is actually not fiction but rather a fantasy.


OBSESSION WITH ROUND AND CIRCULAR OBJECTS- the space station, the wormholes and black holes, the planets even the new world created at the end was cylindrical. Though the movie has some good visuals but thank you Christopher Nolan that the movie wasn’t 3D otherwise I might have ended up with a seizure. Let’s not get into the motion sickness inducing graphics of the movie.


DR. MANN- he wasn’t a very pivotal element of the movie. Other than the obligatory villain element of the movie, he didn’t have much to do altering the storey line. Yes there was a certain predictableness to the whole cooper and Dr. Mann fight. Yes the man was pure evil sending signals of hope just to be rescued.


THEORY OF RELATIVITY- not only the plot but timelines were quixotic as well. 1 hour on the planet is equal to 21 years of earth. Yes, when they spent more than an hour on the planet. Romilly was on the spaceship. More than 23 years had passed. Who has the patience to wait 23 years in a gigantic metal box and what did he eat? Did they had supplies to feed someone for quarter of a century? Didn’t he die of boredom, coz I almost did.


ANNE HATHAWAYS AGE- when she’s stranded on some other end of the universe and starts her colony of humans, why didn’t the relativity factor work here? At the end of the movie when Matthew decides to go save the love of her life on some other universe. The concept of relativity is non-existent which was so much emphasized on during the whole movie. They both seem the same age.


ENERGY LEVELS- I’m actually surprised by the sheer vivacity of the characters. They spend a good part of their life travelling space and are never seen eating and when Matthew returns home after 124 years he after waking up again goes to travel the space to bring Anne back. Like decoding and reviewing this movie wasn’t exhausting enough.


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