8. As a sculptor there must be financial constraints that you face due to the expenses associated with the materials. How has this affected your work?

Originally I would just do small sculptures in clay, cast them in plaster and that's as far as I could go and I'd do that for myself. When I started working at the Park School, it opened up a whole new world for me because suddenly people came to me and wanted sculptures of their children and they wanted bronze. So suddenly I was able to caste in bronze and I love doing portraits of children. That's one of my specialties so the more the merrier and I was able to make a little bit of money doing those and also amass a nice little portfolio of bronzes which I had never had before. Also I keep my day job because I have four children and I've had to struggle a bit taking care of them so money has always been an issue for me as an adult and I've needed to keep my job and do all of my sculpture around the job. At the same time, I love teaching art so much that I don't see myself stopping no matter how many commissions I have. I feel that the two are entwined, that being around kids keeps me young, keeps me thinking, it keeps me on my toes, it keeps me up to date with what's happening in the world and there's a great deal of creative energy to be had just from being around young people and I thrive on that.

When I finished Harriet, there was nothing happening and I was very depressed. For three years I had been working on that and it was like a post-partum depression. You know "Why am I still here?" I finished Harriet. Obviously that was the only reason I was born! And so now I couldn't understand what I was supposed to do next. Luckily I was asked to do a one-woman show at Pine Manor and that gave me the impetus to do a lot of sculptures just for myself and that's what you see around the studio. Unfortunately I cast all these pieces in bronze which cost a lot of money and that show, while it was very rewarding on a lot of levels, I did not sell. So I had a year there where I put out an incredible amount of money and did not have money coming in. It's difficult but passion does that. I always say the gift is the obsession. It means that you can't stop doing this thing. So those of us who have the obsession, we never know just how rational it is. All we know is we have to keep doing it and we have to do whatever it takes to maintain our ability to do it.