myself with flowers horizontalHi,
I am Marwa and welcome to enthralling gumption.  Long story short, I started this blog to see if creativity is my ultimate passion and what I would want to do as I was not ever able to find my calling, the confused girl that I was.
Almost 2 years in and I cannot be happier to have walked the path less chosen. Now, I live to create and share all the fun ideas that I’ve been enthralled with. My style leans towards mid-century modern to boho and Scandinavian aesthetics. I believe one should do what makes them feel comfortable and unique at home but with some style. And, I am here to guide you on creating easy, eye-catching and trendy DIY’s that doesn’t have to suck the money out of your wallet.
You can find me most active on Instagram where I share more on life, behind-the-scenes and anything exciting!
Have something to convey, sure you can shoot me an e-mail  at enthrallinggumption[at]gmail[dot]com
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