Update #1 - New user interface! Documents manager!

Blog post written by the Belongings Team the 26 Dec 2011

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It's the best way to securely store all your warranties and item records for insurance purposes. Whether your house burns or someone steals your computer, you'll still be able to get your item records back with Belongings!

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To build and maintain the highest quality software, our development team is dedicated to develop &
roll-out new updates as frequently as possible. You can expect us release new features, bug fixes
and improve usability on a regular basis.

For our first update roll-out, we have improved our user interface and added a new handy feature.

The new interface looks way sleeker and stops the confusion when coming from the original site (as the previous UI had nothing to do with the home page).
Here is the new interface you'll see next time you log-in to your member area:

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You can now upload and manage highly important data to your account using the "Documents" tab.
An easy way to protect & organize important documents such as marriage licenses, birth certificates, mortgage documents, passport info, or anything else that might be difficult or impossible to replace after a unforeseen disaster or that you may need to retrieve from a remote location. Simply scan what you want and upload it to the cloud.

We currently allow 5Mb per file, under one of those format: JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, TXT, PDF, DOC and ZIP.

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The Belongings team have worked hard to roll-out this first update, and as always, we encourage your very feedback and suggestions.

We have also been working hard on improving the iPad app. Expect to see the streamlined version in the very near future!