Belongings for iPad is available now!

Blog post written by the Belongings Team the 04 Jan 2012

What's Belongings?

It's the best way to securely store all your warranties and item records for insurance purposes. Whether your house burns or someone steals your computer, you'll still be able to get your item records back with Belongings!

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Today we are proud to announce the release of the iPad version of Belongings.
Our team has worked very hard to develop an extremely smooth and easy to use program. This includes an improved, proprietary software architecture that not only makes our program more flexible, but also much easier to update and troubleshoot.

Our next mission is finding a better way to scan barcodes using an iPad. Currently, the iPad camera isn't sufficient for capturing UPC/EAN codes as accurately as the iPhone. Our team is confident we will solve this issue in the very near future.

We have received some feedback regarding our iPhone app indicating that sometimes it performs at different levels of speed & accuracy when using the 3G and 3GS devices. We are working hard to launch an update that will integrate our new architecture onto the iPhone platform, resolving those issues.

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