Indian Jugaad Innovations!

November 20, 2014 | by

We Indian’s have always been the first one to bend the rules. As they say ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ but here we make it as ‘Jugaad is the necessity of every invention’. You don’t have to be Einstein or Newton to learn the technique of jugaad you just need to be a person with common sense. Many of the Indian jugaads are hilarious  and they seems like as if great science brains are being brought together whereas the truth says great lonely brains with a few jugaad techniques are brought together.

1) Can’t afford an i-pod and your laptop is all your possession for your music love. You can’t even carry that heavy shift along with you always. But you can place it somewhere near to you hanging for sure and enjoy that music love even while cooking your favourite dishes.


2) Kitchen work teaches you well stay away from onions. It so make you cry alot while you chop them. So here is a perfect jugaad save your eyes life from the life guard.


3) That’s a two wheeler you carry along and you need to accommodate all too. So stack up the hay and make your lady stack herself on it and take that lovely romantic long ride back home. Rofl!!


4) Pissed of sittingf in your chair. Take a break. Shit where should I keep this drink no near by place. Yeah! there goes a brainy brainy jugaad.


5) Well not every one can have that luxury of driving a four wheeler. Booohhhh!!!! Jugaad weapon brings you all you want and that too with your own luxuries.


6) Petrol tank runs out, you have got two options. One take it home dragging and another ask you friend to drag it not by himself but by a jugaad play.


7) Instant coffee machine. Don’t spend thousands just spend a few hundreds, use a bit of your Indian brains and enjoy the two in one scheme.


8) While reaching the ceiling, or to the fan you always needed something extra and there your brains work stacking things up the stool and making it possible in every way to match that height. And as soon as you reach up there you fear, shouting out ” yaar hil rha hai, dekhio sambhalio. giraoge aaj to paka.”

9) In hostels generally you are not blessed with fridge but luckily with a.c you are. So keep that cola bottle chillled.


10) The epic of all. Hair straightening have been a fantasy for girls. Pressing means by a hair straightener but jugaad presses you hair with an hot cloth iron. Epic Ladies!

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