John Abraham Upbringing Street Children Who Are Denied of LIFE!

November 13, 2014 | by

Fate knocks on every persons door. So does came a movement transforming the lives of children living on the streets and providing emotional and medicals relief to the terminally ill or destitute. Children, once without hope, home, parents, security, social status or love have now everything. A sweet home, loving parents, new life and new hope. They are no more destitute but beloved children of Mr. John Abraham of the (VISA) family (Vision in Social Arena)… “Mr. John Abraham” burdened and disturbed by the hard realities of the homeless street kids, sat for weeks at Dadar station until the first child came to him within weeks along with his wife, They made their visits with chapattis packed to have breakfast with these new found friends very soon if children along with their three daughters grew up in tiny home at kurla, Mumbai (India) which gave rise to “Vision in Social Arena”.

This short documentary convey the people that if a single person can take care of so many innocent life’s and give them a reason to live a life of happiness than if every single person on this earth take the responsibility to look after such children who are searching for love,respect,home and food can turn the world more beautiful. There would be no child left on the street begging for love,Shelter and food.So “DARE TO BE DIFFERENT”

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