NAMO Turns 6 Months

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Our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi completed 6 months of his tenure. Lets go down the memory lane of those moments that stirred Indian Democracy completely on the day of 26th May 2014. Namo’s visit to the two greatest nations of the world that too on their invitation first. It was for the first time in the Indian Democracy that a PM visited these two nations within a span of 6 months.
Our Prime Minister had every thing on its plate and the change change is seen in years. Atlast its a huge pile to be cleaned by him first, set everything order and then work the start fresh. In these months though Namo have truly showed the power of his persona whether its a visit to China or USA. This time our Prime Ministerial voice really do the talkings. I likes its.
Here are the glimpse of the visits:

Visit To China

Narendra Modi visited China and made his power eminent through his words and strong personality and raised the voice of India.


Visit To US

Narendra Modi with the US President Barack Obama
Narendra Modi at  Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

BJP ever since Independence won a clear majority in the Lok sabha elections forming a government without any coalition just with the brand name of NAMO. The oath taking ceremony was the largest ever of its kind, which included all the neighbour nation’s leaders and all political leaders from everywhere in India. Narendra Modi walked on the stage with a saffron pagdi on his head and powerful words from his heart.


Narendra Modi spoke and the whole nation saw it without a blink. Lauded and applauded in all quarters, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech was indeed a welcome diversion from the last few years. With promises of high sale value, the independence speech had become a platform to unleash populace-pleasing government initiatives. But, Mr. Modi decided to go with rhetoric and vision and charmed one and all. Here are the glimpse back to the speech of Indian polity’s latest miracle boy:

1) Come and make in India-

Yes, he said that. No, he did not want people to come and make babies in India, we have loads!  Neither he wanted them to make fast bowling pitches; otherwise our cricket team will lose whatever is left of its credibility. Jokes apart, what he was talking about is the ailing manufacturing sector of India, and its revival. We don’t know how Modi will script a turnaround in its fate, but sending out a message that we are ready to accommodate and provide for manufacturers seems a good move. Next, maybe Mr. Modi will scrap half a million permits one has to take before one starts a business.

2) Clean up Bureaucracy-

The story about half a million permits brings us to most unique bunch of people in world i.e. Indian Bureaucrats. Slower than a sloth, murkier than our Yamuna, and its red tape redder than Mainland China the dysfunctional bureaucracy has been great headache to the Indian success story. If Mr. Modi becomes successful in his ‘clean the bureaucracy’ pitch, he would definitely replace batman on my ‘fancy-to-be’ list.

3) Scrapping the Planning Commission-

And, there he won my heart and soul. An organization which has been known for courting controversies and foolhardiness and done little other than making outlandish plans once in five years ought to be done away with. It also signifies the last clean break from ‘nehruvian economic policy’ and shows Mr. Modi is here to ‘modi’fy.  Good move, PM.

4) Toilets for Women-

A continuum of his ‘toilets over temples’ remark, Modi touches a nerve with this one. Extend that to ‘toilets for men and women’ Mr. PM. We want a country, not the largest open air loo in the world.

5) A clean nation by 2019-

Mr. Modi has been taking his cleanliness very seriously, be it in governance or in metropolises. And, heaven knows our cities need cleaning. If he manages to do a Surat to the whole country by 2019, Gandhiji would be one proud 150 year old father.

6) Gender Equity-

Give birth to a daughter and plant five trees. Treat your daughters equally as your sons. And, the clincher, teach your sons to respect women. The speech had it all. Now, if our masses would follow his directives with the same conviction they voted for him.

7) Insurance for the poor families-

A gem of a scheme, lost within the mighty rhetoric of PM’s speech. The scheme is to provide a bank account to poorest families to receive government aid directly and provide them with a 1 lakh insurance cover.

8) Stop cribbing, Start working-

The truth itself has spoken. We Indians make too much senseless noise over too many petty issues. The PM urged Indians to stop infighting and discussing ‘whose religion is the shortest way to heaven’ for next 10 years and concentrate on actually doing something. Anyways, it is advisable to let go of the habit forever, it already has cost us a history.

9) A Digital India-

Mr. Modi emphasized on a well connected India and promoting e-governance. Surely, it would be a great help, but be vary cautious Mr. Modi, be very cautious of the facebook bug. And, please do something about the IRCTC website.

10) Shaashtra and Shashtra (Scriptures and Weapons)-

Well, this one was brave. He is trying to unify the pen and sword.  But, an India based on scriptures and protected by tanks looks promising to me. Yes, we need weapons and power, but they preferably be homemade not imported from Israel.  And, a word of advice, Mr. Modi.  Go easy on shackling the pen. It is still a dangerous weapon.

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