That’s how we Indians roll- we roll like this!

October 30, 2014 | by

You’re late for work and can only find full buses or autos or trains. What do you as an Indian? simple… scoot everyone in and make place for yourself even where no one else can. That’s how we roll. Us Indians- we indeed are fun and fearless. I believe that we have the power to convert anything into a transportation mode.


1) Trains

It’s one of the most common mode of transportation. Local trains are the easiest way for all the working class people. But the rural side has added a little fun to it. Since everyone wants to travel at the same time and no one wants to wait.. what do they do? Yes. Climb on top or cling onto it. On a seat for two, three are already sitting but a fourth one comes and says “yaar thoda adjust karle”




2) Tractor Trucks

Generally used to transport goods but sometimes the truck drivers provide social service and help to travel. Like in every Indian film, a truck driver always help the couple stranded on the highway.




3) Animals

These days people use not just machines but also animals. When stuck in traffic jams, only a buffalo or a cow can get one out of there. Or atleast that’s what they think! be it for work or for fun! dhoom machale!



4) Bikes

Five of you are going for a movie and you don’t want to take two autos. What do you do? Shift and adjust everyone on the same bike. Like they say- yeh dosti, hum nahi todengay!



5) Hum do hamare chaar

It’s the funniest sight one can come across on the road and its often distracting! Yes. It’s the entire family on a bike travelling together. It’s time for a new car or careful family planning.




6) Almost not driving

What all people do these days to save petrol and energy! General thought process- “chalo kissi aur ki gadi se lag jaate hai.. apna kaam toh ban jayega.” Isse kehte hain- Impossible transportation!

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