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Some Indians have been following foreign T.V. series as their religion. Why they would not as these shows have everything that Indian daily soaps lack.

Lets do a step by step analysis:

1) Are you serious?

Apparently Dil Mil Gaye was a copy of the American hospital drama Grey’s Anatomy. But Grey’s focused on medicine whereas Dil Mil Gaye focused on love.



2) Stereotype

Indian shows have underlying male dominance whereas shows abroad portray complete equality.



3) Bahus refuse to dress down ..

The Indian bahus are very active.. Even when sleeping, they are ready with makeup and jewellery at 2 in the night for anything to happen. They are well prepared…well atleast, fashion wise.



4) Drama or Detective show?

The Indian shows begin as family dramas but end up as detective shows because the bahus can’t mind their own business and must know about everything that happens around them.



5) Dialogue Delivery

The beta is so scared of the father that it takes almost 2 days or sometimes 4 days for him to express his feelings. Starts with : “dad, dad. kuch batana hai apko, huh dad !! ” * BREAK* ends with : “dad , huh dad!!” (episode over)

Scream_4_21Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 3.58.30 PM


6) Plot

Do Indian shows have a plot ?  I leave it to you to think about it.



7) Cinematography

All the scenes of an Indian show are shot in one house. No other location. Even get married in the same house. Period.



8) Super genes- Younger generation is born with the same face

Indian show families have altogether new agenda.. the daughter as the same face as the mother.. probably the same genes..

Ankita-a (1)


9) People actually die and actors are killed off and not replaced

Everyone knows that the baa in Kyuki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi never died. Everyone died except her. So Mihir died but is alive with another face? How many people remember their mothers anxiously waiting in front of the TV to find out who the new Mihir is.

This or This
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10) Time Duration

Indian shows start.. but they never actually finish even if their plot does. Shows abroad work season wise.


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