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SRK, the initials are more than enough to hold women captive in a state of rapture and making men plunge into the sea of covetousness. The man who needs no introduction has been ruling the tinsel town for 26 years now.  Even at 48, SRK retains the ability to send chills up and down his competitors’ spine. With his unconventional looks, cynical mannerisms, and wicked sense of humor, the King Khan has proved that it takes tenacity and perseverance to get anywhere. *KUDOS*, it’s just impossible to resist him. But did you know that the enthralling actor whose ‘ Chennai Express’ overhauled and swamped the Rs 100 crore club once tried his fate at a small restaurant business in Dariya Ganj  but could not succeed?

Here we are, presenting some unknown, unsaid facts about the man himself- SHAHRUKH KHAN

1) Shahrukh kick started his journey by earning a meager amount of Rs 50/- by working as an usher at Pankaj Udhas’s concert in Delhi. ‘Kabhi haa kabhi naa’, the movie for which the actor received the FILMFARE CRITICS AWARD FOR BEST PERFORMANCE, was completed by him in just Rs 25000. Even on the opening day, he sold this film’s tickets at the booking window of a local Mumbai Cinema! He is really scared of poverty as his parents died in debt.



2) The king khan’s net worth is whopping 600 million US dollar, making him the second richest actor in the world. He is wealthier than Hollywood giants like Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Johnny Depp. Now, who’s the boss, eh?


3) Gauri Khan, SRK’s beloved wife was the latter’s love at first sight. He was immensely possessive about Gauri (or Gaurima, whom he fondly calls) during their courtship years. So much so that he would throw a fit and pick up a fight with gauri if she let her hair down!


4) SRK’s parents met under odd circumstances. His mother, Lateef Fatima Khan, had an accident and needed blood. The donor was his father, Taj Mohammad Khan. They fell in love while he was helping her recuperate * FILMY LOVE*.
srk's parents


5) SRK was never fond of Hindi, thus making him score poorly in this particular subject. His mother then struck a deal with him- if he manages to score the highest in Hindi, she’ll take him for a Hindi movie. Being the typical determined guy, he did score highest, and his mother took him for Dev Anand’s ‘JOSHILA’.


6) Shahrukh has never watched his debut film. He says, “I have, till date, not seen Deewana. I have a notion that I don’t want to see my first or last creation. They are ­bookends, the story is between”.


7) Shahrukh is very particular about fashion and lifestyle. Known for having a classy sense of style, he prefers wearing black. “It’s easier since no one can tell if I am repeating a garment. I have a fetish about the fit of my jeans and the clothes I sleep in.” He likes to match his socks with his shoes and not his trousers and never wears slippers. He also makes sure that his pyjamas are freshly ironed every night because as he says you never know who you might meet in your dreams.


8) SRK loved sports when he was a child, and he still does. He was the captain of the football and hockey teams, and has played cricket at zonal and national levels.


9) Both his children, Aryan and Suhana have been taught to revere the co-existence of Ganpati and Allah in the Khan household. How wonderfully they are being brought up conveys the incident that when Shahrukh was having a critical neck surgery, Aryan went to the temple and said an Islamic prayer so that his father could get well soon.



10) Shahrukh khan was always a brilliant student throughout his school and college years. He was often uncomfortable with the education system and used to get frustrated with the repetitions of coursework. This made him quit St. Stephens just a year after joining it, and later he joined College Similarly he joined Milia for a course in mass communication but left it after a year because he got bored. In his school, St. Colombia, he was awarded the sword of honor, an annual award given to the student who best represented the spirit of the school.


11)  Shahrukh does not like ice cream. Difficult to believe but true! And the superstar who scares his competitors with his stardom is also scared of riding horses.


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