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There are plenty of reasons why you will love us!

Be indemnified by your insurance!

Belongings has been developed in partnership with Swiss insurers, we know what information is mandatory to be indemnified by your insurance. By properly using Belongings, you can be sure you'll be reimbursed every time something bad happens to your house or property - it could be a burglary, an earthquake, a flood etc...

It's all in the mobile app!

Did you just buy something new? Take out your mobile, scan the barcode in less than 5 seconds, set the price that you paid and you're done! Keeping an inventory updated is as important as having it. With our advanced mobile/tablet application, you're always a second away of your inventory.

No software to install!

Belongings is a web software, you don't need to worry about installing or updating it. Once you have registered an account, you can login from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection and a web browse.

Keep critical files safe!

Scan and upload sensible data such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, passport info, diploma, plans etc. What would happen if you lose all your banking documents in a fire? How much does it cost to print a new marriage certificate? How long does it take? When such things happen, it's always a huge time saver to have a digital copy of them.

1-click export

In a single click, you can export your entire inventory in many formats (PDF, HTML, Excel etc). You can even give an access to your inventory to your insurer. Why build an Excel inventory when it is at just as much risk of being effected as the rest of your stuff in a catastrophe? With Belongings, your inventory is stored safely in the cloud, making it accessible anytime & anywhere.

It's really affordable

How much would you lose if your house burned? If your TV or jewelry got stolen? If you lose an important warranty or proof of purchase? Almost definitely it would amount to a lot more than the cost of a Belongings membership.

Everything is organized!

Access any item in a few seconds with our advanced search interface. Organize your items by rooms and category. Starting your inventory has never been easier, simply process one room after another and you'll be done before you know it! After that, managing your inventory takes only a minute or two every time it changes.

All your invoices in one place!

How many times have you had to replace a broken item yourself because you couldn't find the warranty or receipt? By attaching all your receipts to your Belongings items, not only you make sure that you have strong proof of purchase for insurance purpose but you also keep all your serial numbers & warranty information.