DIY Earring Jacket

Jewelry from all things I love dearly, there is a totally different experience to wear a piece that was made by you. The satisfaction that you get from it is just quite exceptional and it pushes me to find ways to create one. Its been quite some time that I have been seeing the ear jacket trend and I had to harbor in somehow. So here I am.

I woke up at 6:30 am and began testing out designs and procedure and now I’m ready with it. This ear jacket is so effortless and chic. It will add the right amount of hype to your wear, and yes don’t forget to scroll till the end I have a something waiting up for you!

What All You need :

+Earlobe Trace

+Plastic (needs to be firm)




+Strong Glue (E6000 is preferred but I had UHU so I used that)



+Plucker (this is optional You can use bare hands)

DIY Earring Jacket

Now lets get to work, you will need to first cut out the plastic into four strips, then place your  strip over your earlobe tracing which I had done using  using pen/marker. Next, Use your bare hands or in my case a plucker for a better hold of rhinestones to glue the base of it, which is to be applied on the plastic.

DIY Earring Jacket

Now follow the same step and glue down the rhinestones around the lining of your earlobe carefully . I used 5 rhinestones, it depends on the size of your earlobe really.

DIY Earring Jacket

You can now push the pin against the the dot(ear piercing trace) and pick it up to stress it, to make a hole just enough to be able to insert your stud .DIY Earring Jacket

After getting your hole right ,you ought to cut off the excess plastic and create an inverted T shape as shown below:

DIY Earring Jacket

You are done, congratulations now you can put your stud on and then follow it by the ear jacket you just created,here you are ready to rock it girl.

DIY Earring Jacket

Wait up I promised you more than one , I followed the same procedure and ended up with this pearl ear jacket.

And yes in-case you were wondering where did we use the pearl ,here I have put it to use.

DIY Earring Jacket

This method of creating ear jacket is so simple that you can end up with a whole bunch of them ,if you were to sit to make them.

If you try this DIY Earring Jacket ,do share a picture with me in instagram simply tag me @enthrallinggumption