Good things floralI have had a great time this vacation. Completely loved connecting with nature, enjoying the fresh air on the mountain tops and picking up peppermint on my way other than lavender and yarrow flowers. You will get a clue of my vacation through my Instagram where I shared some snippets of my journey.

And now as I sit amidst the pile of clothes that I have to pack, I am finding myself longing for the rains and kebabs. But I know it’s time for work to get done as much less have been going around and I surely want to return back to work as I miss it dearly.

So to keep me motivated and up my game I resorted to creating this desktop wallpaper to remind me where I belong and what I need to do.

And those of you still enjoying vacation in lush lands albeit in your minds don’t worry I’ve got your back(though to an extent). Remove your beach pic and instead personalize by downloading this floral gold desktop wallpaper to revamp your screen. In return you get to beat down post-vacation blues, I feel you girl.

good things floral


  Download here

Please remember that this is only for personal use and cannot be used for commercial use or sale.

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P.s. Quote by Anais Nin