DIY Fake Flowers


If fresh flowers ain’t your thing, then why not fake flowers.I think this happened when my mind was exploring ,the idea of it just came from nowhere or maybe it was that time when I was trying out skewers for all.Anyways, I never expected that this crazy stuff could complement my decor at my shelf so well. A point worthy of mention, it’s got an industrial look to it, which is pure awesomeness.

Oh !! If you are wondering about that glitter animal print then YES!! you guessed it right I have made it myself, sorry that I don’t have a tutorial maybe in the future I might re-create it who knows for now let’s stick with this DIY fake flowers.And Yeah I know that metallic vase is empty ,I didn’t give my time to search for some beauties(artificial flowers) then I thought Hey that just looks fine in itself and might work the way it is plain empty ,I must confess though I have stored some scrap and nonsense,basically used as a hideout ,it is hilarious but at least i have got it to use some use

You will just need a minute or two to assemble them and they did be done at no time.

What you need:



+Metallic scrubs(golden won’t hurt tho!!)
DIY fake flower

All you need to do is place the skewers inside the bottle with the pointed side facing towards you ,press each scrub against the skewer at different heights in the center to give it a mismatch look.

DIY Fake Flowers


A closer look at it

DIY Fake Flowers

I hope you liked this little project and it has inspired you ,helped you to look differently and imagine just imagine  cause it might become a reality.

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