What's enthralling this weekendIt sucks to be sick and bed ridden for half a day but that’s alright as I got to have some pastries with coffee and pomegranate and now I am good to go. Sure thing,I am a day late to join the fun but I am here as this week I have been blown away by some great finds and it was just too hard to resist to not share it with you guys.

App: My favorite and go to app for editing my images for Instagram is a color story  ( check my instagram for more deets )
Art: This beautiful abstract art has got me swooning, I should soon make my own before I get myself broke!
Bake: This is such a smart trick to make your own emoji cake roll 
Crafts: Business place card holders made from card stock, what? yeah, you heard me right!
You cannot go wrong incorporating flowers with your soap successfully if you follow Francesca’s elaborate tutorial
Organization: I love this wood desk organizer that has all the space to store your business cards to pens
Printable: For a more classic and romantic look wrap your flowers with these free printable flower bouquet
Review: I customized my favorite pen with gold foil in 5 different ways 

Happy Weekend:)