What's enthralling this fridayHey, how is everyone doing? The last two weeks had been quite hectic for me naturally I will be taking this weekend off to read some magazines and admire this beautiful bouquet from flowers.ae. Got to also take a good look at my goals and review, hello we are in June can’t believe we are halfway through 2016, that was real fast. Meanwhile, here are some interesting links to follow for the weekend:

This batik wall art requires no dyeing, my ladies!
These faux stone plant holders are what you need to house your air plants in
Can one have enough of monstera leaves? Probably not take a look at this monstera leaf stamped leather notebook
Sun is out so should be your sunnies, give yours a floral treatment with Maritza’s easy tutorial
Don’t like your ordinary looking cooler, how about giving it a colorful triangle makeover
A little something for your summertime beverage, these monstera leaf drink sleeves are perfect.
Lastly, I made these saucer candle holders with clay

Have a great weekend  ahead:)