DIY Heart Cement Card Holder

Its the last day of july, Phew !! who knew this year would pass by so soon. It feels just yesterday when I launched my blog in May this year. Ok I got a confession to make: this is one of the few projects whose pictures have been taken in utter hurry. But I promise to upload more shots in near future.

Well, hello we all have friends and families coming over to our homes. What better way to welcome them with their names served on to your heart. Cough** I meant with your own cement heart card holders. I am sure they will love it.

But I must say, its quite easy and pleasing to the eye. Let’s look at what all we need and how we can make this:


+ Silicon Heart Mold
+ Cement( half a kilo for 6)
+ Copper wire(  0.9mm thick or more)
+ Glue Gun
+ Pliers
+ Candlestick (for shaping the wire)

DIY Heart Cement Card Holder

DIY Heart Cement Card Holder DIY Heart Cement Card Holder cgSteps:

First begin with the shaping of the wire prior to ascertaining your cement mixture to avoid working in haste and the cement hardening before time. Cut 6 pieces of 30cm wire each. And then wound the wire once around the bottom part of the candlestick on hand. Repeat for each wire. In order to insert the wire into the cement I bend the bottom of the wire by an inch or two. Meanwhile also plugging my glue gun to keep ready. Now in a plastic container pour in around half a kilo cement approx for making 6 of this card holders. Then pour enough water to get a gooey mixture to work with. Fill the mold half way through and repeat for the rest. One by one, insert the wire at the bottom end of the heart just enough and then dabble some glue on to the point where the wire meets the mold to hold the wire in that position. Note that after it dries up you will have to bend the wire straight so if you push the wire deep, a portion of the top part will also have to say goodbye. Be careful there! Nonetheless if that happens just make small cement mixture batch and  fill in the hollow part with the help of a popsicle stick on shape.

And then go ahead,  print your guests name and insert it in your new heart cement card holder. Did I just hear what if I could get that watercolor background along? Sure you can, just comment below which colors you want and I will mail it you. Cool right!!

See you next time or maybe tomorrow if you are in Instagram🙂