Like I promised the next post will be another weaving that I finished the previous week, and so here I am lovelies with my woven necklaceDIY Woven Necklace

I have said this before and I will repeat myself “everyone needs to give weaving a try”. The process is therapeutic and best thing about it is that you have everything in control. What I like the most about weaving is that you could possibly use the simplest of the techniques and combination and yet end up with a gorgeous piece like these two. And trust me with all work that went in I still think this is the least I could do for starters. If you have seen my earlier post, I used wooden beads and pom pom trim for my woven keychain. And now I am thinking pearls over here! And if I wasn’t any clear, this tutorial is for beginners  like myself and you don’t need a loom or any special item in order to make these woven necklaces. DIY Woven Necklace 3 n

I must confess out of all the necklaces that I’ve made myself these woven necklaces are by far my favorite of them all. I have been wearing the hot pink one for more than a week and don’t think of removing it any sooner. Not to mention this could make such a great handmade gift to a special one! And since I have used clay to hold this precious in one piece, I am sure it will last you for long. Now, I am sure you would want to know how I made it, you can check it our here at diys  where I regularly share my ideas.

Do let me know what you think of this DIY woven necklace, would you undertake weaving for this beauty or not?

Have a great day ahead, and happy crafting:)

Weaving is time-consuming and not everyone's cup of tea. But it doesn't hurt to create a mini woven necklace and proudly wear it, does it?