Weaver or not, you can totally make this woven keychain following some easy steps. Give those eyes something new to look at. Perfect for fall & winter season

Dear friends, I have a confession to make! It’s been long that I wanted to share this with you, but the doctor in me had to diagnose it beforehand to ensure it’s for real. And here we are “I am freaking addicted to weaving.” What this isn’t serious? I guess I am sorry to have terrified you then.Weaver or not, you can totally make this woven keychain following some easy steps. Give those eyes something new to look at. Perfect for fall & winter season

I need not say another word the above explains it all.  But to brief you, I am tangled up with these wild ideas of somehow inserting weaving into my life no matter in what way. Oh! And mind you the next article will also be related to weaving, yes I am serious the addiction has spread far and cannot be cut off easily unless you hand me down some prescription.DIY Woven Keychain main 5DIY Woven Keychain main 3

On a serious note, this weaving is easy to make and will not take much time because hello it’s the mini version of weaved wall hangings. You can choose just about anything to add in your weaving, some pearls, embroidery floss and what have you. Did you notice I put in a trim of cute little pom pom that I had earlier shared at my Instagram.

Anyhow, let’s see how you can make one for yourself or even better gift someone special.


+ Assorted yarn of your choice
+ Golden embroidery floss
+ Pom Pom trim
+ Keychain finding
+ Polymer clay ( white )
+ Big-eye needle
+ Scissors
+ Carboard
+ Masking tape

DIY Woven Keychain materials


1. If you have your own loom, you can skip this step . Tape the ends of your cardboard with a masking tape this will ensure the longevity of your cardboard loom.  Keep aside 1 cm from each ending and mark 10 lines with a gap of 1/2 cm between them. Since my yarn is thin these measurements worked for me, you can try a gap of 1/2 inch and 3/4 from the ends whatever measurements you choose just make sure your beads fit in well.DIY Woven Keychain

2. Wrap your white yarn ( cotton thread if you have one ) through the notches 6 up and down. Tape off the edges on the rearside of your cardboard loom.DIY Woven Keychain

3. Cut a 15″ inch piece of white yarn and insert 5 of your wooden beads. Simply lip the needle under your threads DIY Woven Keychain 3

4. Once you have inserted the beads space them well. And then poke your needle through the wooden beads in a row from above. So what we are doing here is going through the holes of the beads once from below and from the bottom so that it stays put. DIY Woven Keychain

5. Pull the thread gently to the original side. And tie two knots t0 secure your wooden beads to its place.DIY Woven Keychain 5

6. Thread a white 25″ inch yarn through the needle and starting weaving by going under-over with the help of your needle (not to forget keep a tail of 5″inch thread loose). Once you reach the other end take a reverse and repeat the step. Weave your pom pom trim and space them well ( I could fit in 3 of them in on space and in total 9 ).DIY Woven Keychain 6

7. Then again cut around 15” inch of white yarn and weave, follow it with some golden embroidery thread ( keep the tail for this one a longer like 7″ inch as it is stiff ). DIY Woven Keychain 7jpg

8. To finish off the weaving with style. I cut 8″ inch long pieces of this neon yarn and by using the rya technique created a tassel consisting of 7 strings each. What we do is place the centre of the bunch of our strings on top of the first set of our vertical thread and push the edges from beneath such that the endings are now facing you. We then stretch our two ends to ascertain the tassel. And in order to tighten these tassels to its place I went ahead a weaved 3 more rows.DIY Woven Keychain 7

9. Now that we have created the design we desire we will go ahead and cut the thread to loosen them up. and tie a knot with the two adjacent loose ends like so. Repeat the steps for the bottom as well.DIY Woven Keychain 9

11. Cut a small rectangle piece of clay and place it over the top part of our weaving where we went the ending to hang from. with the help of your needle mark your clay opposite to the endings. Once you have marked your clay you can go ahead and widen the holes in order for to thread the yarn to later. Don’t forget to make another hole opposite to the middle hole for the keychain finding to go. Bake your clay as per the instructions. Sand them for any imperfections and glaze them for a glossy look if you will.DIY Woven Keychain

Next insert the loose thread through the designated holes, tie two knots and cut off the excess. Then with the help of your pliers insert your jump ring and now you can admire your new woven keychain.e68587eeb0b2eb8e089248fe517d040b0d37ed01abc7ffe556

DIY Woven Keychain main 4

DIY Woven Keychain main 6DIY Woven Keychain main 5Weaver or not, you can totally make this woven keychain following some easy steps. Give those eyes something new to look at. Perfect for fall & winter seasonGive those set of eyes something new to look at. You can also hang them by your handbag or your backpack whatever way you like it lovelies. Moreover, this has fall & winter season written all over its face. Not to forget you can also gift it to a beloved. Seriously your options are infinite and that’s the best part of it all or at least this is my best defensive line to justify my weaving addiction!

I would love to see your creations and if you do make one then don’t forget to tag me @enthralinggumption at Instagram, you may never know I might just about feel extra generous and feature yours to a growing audience of 5.1k ( claps to celebrate reaching 5k )