DIY Phone Case with Lace

Do you know what it feels like when you don’t find a product which suits your taste or style no matter how hard you look for it? well I’m pretty sure you do. My mother was recently gifted Samsung GALAXY  out of the blue and she was just so excited to go out and purchase a beautiful cover for it. To her dismay, not only we couldn’t find a cover for it, there were barely any covers available for it out in the market! however, we did get our hands on a plain black cover and she was satisfied yet disappointed about it. Meanwhile, I was busy wreaking my brain for a new DIY project and here came the opportunity, not only do I have a DIY project idea at hand, I can also design the case according to my mother’s taste, BUT it was a surprise. I did this project while she was asleep and oh the smile she gave me when she saw the cover after she got up, I SWEAR I couldn’t be happier. Well that was my side of the story, shall we move on and see how to customize your plain old cover with the help of  a piece of lace and a few beads lying around your house. So lets begin our DIY phone case with lace, shall we:


+ lace of your choice

+ small beads

+ pearls (I used my mom’s old necklace)

+ scissors

+ super glue or any all Purpose Adhesive clear glue

+ threaded needle ( keep extra thread as per your need)

+ phone cover

DIY Iphone Case with Lace

To start off, begin by placing your lace on the phone case however you want and then go about and cut it. Once your done with that, make sure to snip the ends according to the shape of the phone case to make it look neat and professional. OH! I almost forgot, make sure you snip out any part which covers the speaker as well.

DIY Phone Case with Lace

Now move on to threading in some beads on the lace, I did it on the outer corners of the lace. Make sure that you do it neatly and avoid showing off too much thread.

DIY Phone Case with Lace

Know before you tie the knot, to pull your side of the thread to make sure that its not loose, otherwise later on you will find that the beads are hanging out. This is what it looked like when I threaded the beads in.

DIY Phone Case with Lace

Now place the lace on the phone case according to your design. Dab some glue on the corners of the lace and press it down, do this one at a time and take it slow. You need to make sure it sits in one place and then move on to the other side. I didn’t put glue in the middle section cause I feared it would ruin its look. Therefore just DAB some glue and NOT spread the glue and press it down firm, this way you will not ruin your work.

DIY Phone Case with Lace

Now that the lace is set, its time to move on to the most time consuming part of the project, placing the pearls. First of all measure the number of pearls required, then carefully nip at the end leaving some thread to tie a knot. if your pearls are loose, I highly recommend you to thread them together to avoid spending too much time sticking one pearl at a time and that they are uniformly placed. Most importantly if by chance your case falls off due to any reason, you have your pearls there and you will not loose it.

Now that you have your string of pearls ready, carefully dab some glue on to the lace , place the pearls over thr lace and press firmly while you blow on it lightly till you feel it wont budge from its place. Continue doing this till your done with all of them.

DIY Phone Case with Lace

Once your done, leave it to dry out well for at least an hour or so depending on how long the glue will take to dry out. This is how my mom’s phone cover turned out to look like. YES! I know the lace is not in line and so are the pearls, its cause I dropped the phone case while I was working on it and the pearls fell out of the string cause the knot was too small, it took me forever to place each one of them in line. *wipes tears*

DIY Phone Case with Lace

I wonder how your DIY phone case with lace turned out to look like, make sure you take a picture and share it with us on our Twitter, Instagram,or Facebook page.

Ma Salamah ^.~