Whats enthralling this Friday vol #2Hello readers, we meet again. I spent this week gathering myself and regaining my lost strength after few days of falling sick in the bed. Food poisoning is what caused my fall, which reminds me of a recipe that I’ve to try this weekend for a healthy eat that clearly my body craves. I have a pending IKEA visit to make ( clap your hands, it means  IKEA hacks is on the way ).  And some organizing to do, so I can get my desk back 😉

I won’t let you leave for this weekend before sharing some of my favorite finds and hacks that might interest you or even better show you the right thing you need

Organization: Need a stylish mid-century shoe rack find it here and to know how to make your own
Home: Look at this candle, you want multi-color drips?
DIY: Have you ever heard of canvas shelf cause you need to check this tutorial, it is true.
Plant love: This post lets you explore your inner jungle admiration
Inspiration: Its really inspirational to know of other makers success, helps you to keep going
Sweet: I can now enjoy raspberry infused-tea, thanks to Lexy’s fruit-infused sugar
Review: And last this faux terrazzo tile that I made is for you to display essentials

Have  a  great weekend, see you soon:)