DIY Faux Terrazzo Tile | Enthralling GumptionHave you seen these marble tiles (like this one) that are used to contain/display jewelry and watch that have pretty much taken up the net? I had been willing to make one with polymer clay for a while but I had to change my mind as something even more exciting came into my vision. How about replicate terrazzo tile? I had been craving pattern for very long, to favor the now so cliche marble pattern.Display your essentials with style by following few simple & easy steps to make your own faux terrazzo tile

And you know what was the best part, I didn’t have the stress of ruining it and redoing ( you have to take your chances with marble pattern) . On the more, I had a lot a fun to shape it this way. Some find adult coloring freeing them of stress mine is making terrazzo tile. I have yet to try any adult color books, though, any suggestions leave them in the comment section

For the tutorial, of course, visit DIYs . Do let me know how this idea sits with you, would you make a faux terrazzo tile. I am eager to know

DIY Faux Terrazzo Tile | Enthralling GumptionDIY Faux Terrazzo Tile | Enthralling Gumption