6 Back to school diys that are Quick and easy to make | Enthralling GumptionI’m a little late to join the back to school fun but if you are anything like me then you get things done last moment. Not surprising, eh?  Meeting my friends after a long time wasn’t always the exciting part of going back to school. But the purchase of new books and stationary has always been equally thrilling. Even better if I could give them a good darn makeover. I remember I would embellish my backpack with pins, often experiment sketching and painting on sneakers and wow my friends, those were my college days! While trying to compile a list of back to school DIYs, I was surprised to see that I had a good number of projects done myself so I thought why not share them here with you. Scroll till the end to know more on how you can try these crafts by yourself

1. I am currently using the polka dots pen from this collection of DIY Assorted golden pens that I made with contact paper, pretty nifty?

2.  Stick your memos and to do’s with the help of these DIY Colorblock magnetsDIY-colorblock-magnet-6
3. Have a lot going on, use two boards to schedule and pin inspiration DIY Geometric PinboardsDIY Geometric Notice boards 1
4. Store your almanac and textbooks in this modern DIY Metallic Magazine Holders if not magazines! DIY metallic magazine files
5.  Hang these DIY Embroidered Keychains by your pouch or backpack for a cute chic look DIY Embroidered Keychain | Enthralling Gumption
6. Backpacks neither need to be boring nor over the top this  DIY Pastel Crystal Backpack is just the right sass for you backpack and it is easy to makeDIY Pastel Gemstone Backpack 5

Happy back to school:)