And here comes November! How exciting if you didn’t know here at the emirates we wait for this month to arrive as it marks the end of hot sweltering days and beginning of cold chill nights. This is the time when we can walk out of the house and well just plainly walk without getting burned at noon. Before I go on let’s take a look at this beauty.

DIY Crescent Moon Plant Hanger

Let me break it for you why this project is special to me, brown is my least favorite color. For a very long time I have cringed at the mere sight of it, and I would admittedly blame the colors that I have lived through what feels like my entire life in a house filled with brown & dark furniture which is polar opposite to me as I have always loved brightness, pastels and pops of color here and there ( and it’s a no-brainer that IKEA is my favorite store to shop for home & decor). I am little by little changing things around to reach there.

Pinterest as a catalyst has done a great job of opening my eyes and change my perception altogether, scrolling till the never ending pages of inspiration I have come to accept brown and that is an achievement and I don’t bereave it anymore and these beautiful DIY terracotta earrings by Steph really got me thinking. I think I have gained the confidence to know where to use it and how to style it albeit in limited proportions. And although this was pure accident that I used brown colored clay for this project at the end it turned out so well. To know the story behind this planter and the tutorial click here.

DIY Moon Plant Hanger 2You know if you have the right materials with you, this crescent moon hanging planter is not as intimidating and complex as it looks. You might be shocked that it is actually easy to create one! Do let me know if you have hated any color and how you overcome it. And also don’t forget to tag me if you make this planter #enthrallinggumption  #egdiys and I might as well feature your work at my Instagram account!