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DIY Bead Coasters

Fancying colorful coasters for your icy-cold drinks, anybody? You see there is a dilemma, as I discern the crunchy sound of the fallen leaves crushing underneath my shoes as I walk but yet summer seems never-ending with the sun shining…

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DIY Summer Striped Planter

If you are no blinded by stripes then I think you are in Mars already. I’m personally loving stripes having its moment this season. Afterall it’s such a fun way to incorporate a burst of colors synced with symmetry. It’s…

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DIY Raffia Embroidered Straw Bag

You cannot scroll down through Insta/Pinterest without seeing at least one straw bag. Simple ones,  embroidered ones, those accessorized with scarves and what not. My maximalist self woke upon the sight of Aranaz bags. And the thought of creating something as complex as…

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DIY Abstract color block sneakers

lejjrojroi   This project did not come out of necessity for a new pair of sneakers (I’m loving the slip-on life so far) or to commemorate the season although it does fit very well but out of deep love for…

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