Welcome your guests this fall season by creating this easy-to-make and fun fall felt leaf wreath. Leaf printable and video availableYou know it sucks when you are in this cycle of making and you somehow don’t give attention to things that need you utmost attention. Yes, all this time that I had been crafting I did not care to make decorate front door that very first step to make an impression and welcome people to my home. So here in the spirit of the fall season and beautiful colors that it has brought us, I thought of creating this fall felt leaf wreath.  And since it’s made of felt it will last me longer than if it were made from real leaves. 



1.  We want the foam core to look aesthetically pleasing as the leaves will not be covering the entire surface. You can choose to wrap it with rope, twine or ribbon of your choice.  In my case, it is a simple white rope. Make sure to wrap it  around with some glue every half an inch.

2. Next up, print out your printable (find it in the materials section) and cut out the leaf outlines. Place the leaf outlines on your felt sheet and have it traced with a sharpie.

3. After you have enough leaf outlined on all of your felt sheets. Cut them out and assemble them on the foam core. At this step, any shortage of leaves can be taken care off.

4. Once again, pull out your glue gun to get gluing your leaves accordingly.  And now just hang it to your door.

Let me know what think of this DIY in the comments section below. Would you like to give it a try? If you like this project,  I am sure you will like my other videos at the Darby app. Do follow my channel!