Learn how to make lavender flower soap bars in only 20 minutes (video available)Apparently, I am on a journey of becoming an expert at making excuses than DIY. Quite the irony in our niche! But let me sum it up for you if you will. The past two weeks of mine have been spent gathering my energy to not only attend but survive this new course that I have joined to learn the Turkish language. And, not so ironically I have excuses ready on my plate when I go there as well. Jokes aside, I simply couldn’t find the time to blog and be active on social media. However, this is not how I plan to keep the pace. After my first test, I see that we meet here twice a week.

Meanwhile, I was able to scratch some time to try soap making for Mother’s day at Darby app. Interestingly enough, what I thought was going to be a cumbersome task took less time than my usual projects that take ions to process. So there you go, if you haven’t dipped your feet just yet it’s your time. Impress your mother with custom soap bars with the scent she likes best. I choose lavender because not only it is one of my mom’s favorite but happens to be a great stress-buster.Learn how to make lavender flower soap bars in only 20 minutes (video available)


  • Clear soap base
  • lavender seeds
  • lavender essential oil
  • Purple soap color
  • flower cookie cutter
  • casserole
  • wooden stick to stir


Cut the slab of clear soap in half. And proceed to further break them down into chunks so as to make it easy to melt. Place a portion of your cut soap base in your casserole or any microwave safe dish and time it for 1 minute until your soap base has all melted down. Next, pour in a few drops of lavender essential oil followed by a few pinches of lavender seeds. Spread it out equally. This step is optional, depends really on your taste. I wanted my soap bars to have a purple tinge to them  (which I clearly overdid never mind) 3-4 drops of your soap color and your good to go. Again mix it all in and leave it aside to harden by itself. Or wait for the dish to cool down for 5-7 minutes and pop it into the freezer to harden even faster. Make sure you don’t forget it in the freezer for long as the next step will come difficult to you. Now, with a cookie cutter slowly slice the hardened soap slab to ascertain flower shape bars. If you have them cutters in various sizes use them as well to keep it interesting.

And just like that before you know in about 20 minutes you have customed made soap bars. Now, I am just thinking why hadn’t I tried soap making before? The scarcity of time perhaps!Learn how to make lavender flower soap bars in only 20 minutes (video available)Learn how to make lavender flower soap bars in only 20 minutes (video available)


Let me know what you think of these lavender flower soap bars in the comment section below. I will say my room is a lavender heaven from the leftover bits (looks like the aroma is more significant than the use itself). Well, I know I scored a point for that as my mom loved her gift:)