Why not make these diy miniature mid-century trinket dish to fulfil your fancy for mid-century goodness & pantone color of the year 2016

DIY Mid-Century Trinket Dish Oh! I love it when I am stricken with something unique and unseen. The mid-century has made a comeback a long while ago and it’s the golden end detailing that has got me drooling over them so much that I quite often check what’s new with pretty pegs. They are a retailer that specialise in making a variety of legs specifically for IKEA tables. I would definitely go for them when it’s time to get a new desk which is in my wishlist. For now, I am in need of a reminder.

I wouldn’t say I was in dire need of a trinket dish, but this idea could not wait. Miniature mid-century trinket dish is what I am talking about
DIY Mid-Century Trinket Dish 10

I painted them pastel pink in hopes of adorning them with the Pantone color of the year 2016 ( rose quartz ) that I very much love and choose the warm brown well for what mid-century furnitures pretty much stand for. Finished with some gold and I can’t stop staring at them. DIY Mid-Century Trinket Dish


+ Air-Clay/ Polymer Clay
+ Patel pink spray paint
+ Brown acrylic Paint
+ Gold gilding
+ Brush
+ Glue Gun/E6000 glue
+ Cutter


1.Roll a ball of clay and flaten it out. Get a china dish on the surface and cut around the dish with a cutter like soDIY Mid-Century Trinket Dish

2. Smoothen the edges and place it over your dish and push inwards creating a bowl shape. Remove and lay it down over your dish to retain the shape until it driesDIY Mid-Century Trinket Dish

3.Roll up a long piece of clay and cut out legs for your table/bowl. I cut a2.5 inch each for the bowl type and 3 inch longer for the table.DIY Mid-Century Trinket Dish

4.These are the pieces that I ended up making. I let them dry near the window and since they were tiny pieces they dried up real quick. You can use polmer clay if you want it real quick and if that’s what you have in hand.DIY Mid-Century Trinket Dish

5. Now that they have dried lay down the pieces that you want pink on a protected surface and spray two coats of paint on each side as per the instructions of your paint.DIY Mid-Century Trinket Dish

6. Paint the remaining brown ( I mixed a tiny amount of black with brown for a richer color )DIY Mid-Century Trinket Dish

7. Paint the bottom of your legs gold like so and insert them carefully in a cup full of rice or quinoa for it to dry without any disturbance. I went ahead and slightly painted the outer edge of the dish as wellDIY Mid-Century Trinket Dish

8. You are pretty much done.For the last I used E6000 to attach the legs but it took me very long to hold them while they stuck together so really wasn’t a smart decision. Here comes glue gun to the rescue. Do note that I had to sand the legs at a 45° degree angle in order for them to stand slanted .DIY Mid-Century Trinket Dish

That is it all! Aren’t these one of the adorable dishes you’ve ever seen around. You can quickly make these using polymer clay and glue gun to save you some time. And they make a great gifts too.

Have a great weekend and do let me know if you liked this miniature mid-century trinket-dish I made. Don’t blame me after all, this statement “too many trinkets ” does not stand true.

Have a great weekend:)

DIY Mid-Century Trinket Dish
DIY Mid-Century Trinket Dish
DIY Mid-Century Trinket Dish
DIY Mid-Century Trinket Dish