Learn how to make mudcloth bookmarks under 30 minutes in a few simple stepsDIY Mudcloth inspired bookmarks 2Hey folks, it feels like it has been ages since I last showed up. Has become quite a habit now. What do I say, sometimes life can a take a toll on you. But not to worry, here is my latest project. I finally managed to make use of one among many leather scraps that have been sitting idle in a sad corner of my room (not literally though). I can probably come up with hundreds of ideas for Mother’s day or gifts in general but little did I knew that I would end up being clueless for Father’s day. It is much easier to shop and get over it. But we may all agree no gift is better that handmade ones unless if you are getting your dad a whole grilling set in that case I have no say.

In this dire need of time, I was drawn to the many mudcloth designs that have been flooding my Pinterest a while ago and voila this bookmark idea came into being.  I probably maybe wrong but b&w makes for the best combination when it comes to mudcloth.  Now, let’s see how you can make these in the nick of time.


  • Leather scrap in black color
  • White leather paint
  • Thin paint brush
  • Puncher
  • X-acto knife
  • Super glue
  • bookmark templates


1.Print & cut your bookmark templates. Lay the bookmark template over the leather scrap and begin to cut around it with the sharpest tool available (x-acto knife in my case). Make sure you are doing this on a protected surface like a self-healing cutting mat.

2. For the mud cloth design, you can refer to this Pinterest board or simply emulate the ones I chose. Pour out some leather paint in a dish and begin to brush out your desired design. Give it some time to dry as per the instructions of your paint.

3. From the same leather scrap cut two pieces of rectangle and thread for the making of the tassel. Slit the rectangle piece of leather keeping 1/6 inch of space in between each cut. Thread the leather floss through the hole and dab some glue onto the inside and roll it. Clip the tassel together to help the glue to adhere.

And just like that, you have your own mudcloth bookmarks. Honestly, I can’t keep my eyes of them and might end up making new ones for my own use as I plan to get back to reading books again.DIY Mudcloth inspired bookmarks 3 Learn how to make mudcloth bookmarks under 30 minutes in a few simple steps

Let me know what think of these mudcloth bookmarks in the comments section below.