DIY Necklace from Earring 1Coming straight to the point, I didn’t like the look it give me whilst wearing this pair of earrings, but I saw a potential in it. My mind said that its future lied around my neck and so here I give it a quick fix to give myself a chain necklace which is pretty much the rage these days, so if you have something of that sort don’t throw it yet, simply upgrade it.

What you  need:




+jump ring (forgot to put in the display below)


DIY Necklace from Earring 2

Firstly, you need to detach the earring. You need to make sure to open the lower links and not upper ones, as we will need the above.

DIY Necklace from Earring 3

Then break the open chain attachment in the first and second stone order, as you won’t need it(carefully twist it with your pliers to cause the least of the damage).

Thereon align your individual pieces as you wish. If you like you could add more sets of danglings to your chain to make it look more personal and interesting but I chose to keep it simple. Also, I would suggest that you mark the chain link to which you will attach  your jump rings using a non-permanent marker. Its very likely for one to forget their design order. Do you fancy mismatching? go ahead create your own trend !!

And here this is how it appearsDIY Necklace from Earring 4

Its best worn with a collar shirt. But it could also grace your bare neck as well.

White! yes i’m obsessed, wear it over a white for a pop out effect.

DIY Necklace from Earring 5

What are you waiting for, if you like this DIY Necklace from Earring then share it with your friends and just maybe this is what they need to do with their boring earrings.

Happy DIYing, see yeah next time!! 🙂