DIY Pom Pom Clock

DIY Pom Pom Clock

My clock broke, no it didn’t crumble on its own I fragmented them on purpose. Why you ask? The answer is simple I had it for as long as 7 years and I was simply bored of it. After getting this idea of using pom poms for making this wall clock, I couldn’t help myself but work towards it. But I was afraid of dismantling it and of the clock settings, the fear of the unknown was big. So ended up watching some videos on the procedure involved and was relived due to its ease. So if you are like me don’t be apprehensive, it is all well and super simple.
If you saw my recent Instagram picture you would come to know that I had a bunch of pom poms. But they were small(except the new one) so I went out shopping on Monday and got this beautiful turquoise one trimmed in a hurry and here I am.

DIY Pom Pom Clock

DIY Pom Pom Clock


♥ Pom Pom (12 pieces or 1 meter trim)
♥ Plastic Plate
♥ Clock Movement
♥ Copper Gilding
♥ Mounting Tape
♥ Glue (E6000 or other strong glue)
♥ White Spray Paint
♥ Cotton Swab or Brush
♥ Pliers
♥ Nail
♥ Scissors


I am using plastic plate to make this clock as I don’t have a wood drill bit to make it using wood plaque or so. Don’t worry I have that in my wish list as I love wood work. Anyways you can totally recreate this with wood just be careful with the size of the hole so that you are able to insert your clock movement.
One spray can is more than enough to coat the plate thrice keeping 10 minutes of intervals in between for best results. Actually this is the first time I have been so patient while spray painting and I have done a good job so far compared to my previous attempts.
Now that I let the paint dry I went ahead to my kitchen and with the help of pliers I held the nail over the stove to warm it up and use it to drill a hole in the center of the plate. I used three nails subsequently to get the perfect size. So you need to keep checking with your clock movement for the ultimate fit.

Then I gilded the clock hands copper. And while I left them aside to dry, I measured and cut out two strips of mounting tape to be attached to the opposite sides of the clock setting to the plate. After that, I fixed the hands of the clock.
Then I moved forward to cut off pom pom carefully from their bunch and glued them down them first on the 3,6,9 & 12 postings by situating the clock hands to the opposite sides to be accurate. And the rest was done following that sequence.

Now all you have to do is to put on your battery and you are good to go.

I feel fantastic if you were to ask. This project is so simple and yet so refreshing that I could make rows of clocks, but that would look insane, right? One is enough for now I guess. I had a smaller plate in hand and had to trim the clock hands to fit and not collide with the pom poms. You can use bigger plates and bigger size pom poms or make your own if you don’t find your size. There are so many options that you can choose from. Do it multicolored or in a sequence of rainbows or tricolor, I could just go on.

I now truly feel like I have taken a gumption to commit to an enthralling idea.
What do you guys think? Do let me know. Which way do you prefer! what color?. I am excited to hear from you enthrallers!!

If you happen to make one don’t forget to share it with me #enthrallinggumption #egdiys.

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